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History of our company related to preserved fruits

Our fruit preservation activities started in 1940, although our family had a wide experience in fruit preservation and fruit trees nurseries. It was in those days that our ancestors Jesús and José María decided to shift activities, also focusing business on the most important commodity of our region, the fruit. The acronym of their two family names (as used in Spain) inspired the name of the new company: LAZAYA.

In the first two years, our company devoted itself to manufacture fruit in SO2 and fruit pulp. As it expanded, the company started to enhance its capacity of manufacturing preserved fruit.

Historia de Frutas en Conserva LazayaIn 1975, after the split of the family-owned business between the two founders, our company was relocated in new facilities with an increased production capacity; it was also equipped with the cutting edge technological advances. Francisco Lázaro Arambudo, the son of one of the two founders, Jesús, assumed the leadership of the company at this new stage.

In the late eighties, we came across a crucial enlargement of our facilities. We built a new plant, entirely devoted to the manufacturing of cherry in syrup. The purpose was to broaden our export markets.

In the early nineties, Conservas Lazaya, Frutas y Dulces, went on expanding with the purchase of 50 hectares of land in Épila (Aragón). Fruit trees, especially cherry trees, were planted there to provide our manufacturing plant with fruit. We have been keeping on doing new acquisitions of land since then to reach the current figure of 130 hectares.

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With the turn of the new millennium, the third generation of our family business took over the leadership of the company. The three brothers leading the business, Jesús, Ignacio and Alfonso, have bet for an increase in investment policies, with the aim of achieving two essential targets: compliance with food safety standards and improvement of our competitiveness. That is the way we have managed to reinforce our presence in the export markets, as well as broaden our range of products and supplying the market with different versions of the same products.

In the last few years we have made important investments in our plant in order to adapt our facilities to the new international standard requirements in food safety. We have also made process improvements by investing in new technologies. At the same time, we have replanted the first 50 hectares with new cherry trees.