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Glace cherries in pasteurized plastic container specially designed for Horeca

Premium desserts need quality glace cherries in hotels and restaurants.Glace cherries are a select food product usually present in many culinary preparations that hotels, restaurants and catering services make. It is really a classic of the gastronomy in the hospitality industry. The vibrant color and  juicy texture of candied cherries are an irresistible lure to trigger attraction for sweet desserts. Candied fruit cubes can also be found in cake preparations for breakfasts and snacks in the hotel and catering industry.

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Candied fruits: the way we grow, harvest and proccess the seasonal fruit from Aragón

Candied fruits, that sweet delicatessen made of seasonal fruit in the traditional way, are Lazaya’s main specialty.. Their superb taste and outstanding quality are due to their proccessing with the best seasonal fruit and the compliance with the highest international food hygiene and health standards.

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Candied fruits in Christmas desserts: a worldwide tradition

Roscon de Reyes is a typical Christmas dessert of Spain
The presence of candied fruits in Christmas cakes and desserts is common to the traditional gastronomy of many countries. Spanish “Roscón de Reyes”, Portuguese “Bolo Rei”, Italian “Panettone”, British Christmas Cake and German “Stollen” are all delicious Christmas sweets that incorporate candied fruits. They are irreplaceable in Christmas and each country of Christian tradition has its won one…!

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