Fruit in Alcohol

Family of fruits in alcohol produced by LazayaFruit in alcohol is one of Lazaya’s specialties. It is an exquisite ingredient with a strong and singular taste due to its maceration in alcohol, and it has the unique gentle texture of all our preserved fruit. Cherry in alcohol, mainly aimed to traditional chocolate confectionery and more innovative preparations, features this family of products. A first quality product that offers an added value to chocolates with its distinctive and unique taste. Harvested in our own cherry trees and sent to the facilities for proccessing, cherry in alcohol is the star of our fruit in alcohol.

Family of Cherry in Alcohol

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Chocolate confectionery manufacturers have become one of the main customers for cherry in alcohol, making it an essential ingredient for most of their elaborations, because of its capabiliity to enrich them with a singular taste. Following our business line of making on request products and meeting all kind of requirements, we show cherry in alcohol ready for being tasted as a whole fruit or into two pitted halves. These two proposals allow you to taste cherry in alcohol in different ways, always enjoying its gentle texture.

Our cherry in alcohol adapts to current market needs and also to most demanding  requirements through an innovative and cutting-edge technology offer. We have got the highest quality in food safety standards and reduced rates of plant remains (leaves, stems and pits) and other traces.

That is why we deal on demand with cherry in alcohol size and alcoholic level during proccessing. This contributes to open a huge range of possibilities that makes fruit in alcohol a star ingredient for current chocolate confectionery.

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