Fruit Jam and Jelly Fruits

Fruit Jam and Jelly Fruits produced by Lazaya

Fruit jam is an attractive ingredient for the modern patisserie offering a great palette of tastes and sensations for palates thanks to the huge number or fruits that are integrated in this family. Our jams made of apricot, strawberries, apple, peach, blackberry, orange, kiwi, etc. add unique fruit flavours to trending bakery and confectionery proposals, traditional recipes and the more innovative elaborations. Lazaya’s fruit jam is first quality, and the ideal ingredient to prepare delicious coatings for cakes, as well as screened, crushed and bake-stable fruit filling. Our products offer a wide and singular variety of flavours that may be used in different applications, especially the filling or coating in pattisery and confectionery.

Family of Fruit Jam and Jelly Fruits

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Our range of jams and jelly fruits are amongst our customers’ favourite ingredients for making their products. Besides the great wealth in flavours and textures, this family of products features for its versatility and capacity to offer products on demand. They are personalized delicious preparations that allow us to meet our customers’ specific requirements: injection, crushed, screened, oven-resistant…

We also make special tastes on request, taylor made recipes and also sugar-free products to meet the most singular needs. Our fruit jam and jelly fruits can be purchased canned, in plastic container or even in glass jar. Thanks to our fruit jams, pattisserie and confectionery have nowadays a thousand possibilities of colour, texture and taste.

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