Advantages of candied fruitsCandied fruits are a product that is obtained after a process of cooking and macerating fruit in syrup or sugar. This process has been used for centuries to preserve the fruit and to give it a unique flavor and texture. That’s why candied fruits for professionals is increasingly in demand, since it is an ingredient that cannot be missing in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants and catering establishments.

Candied fruits, although in principle it is used more for desserts and pastry products, is also used in a multitude of savory dishes, as an ingredient and accompaniment, and also to make sauces.

What are the advantages of candied fruits for professionals?

Candied fruits offers many benefits to professionals, as it allows them to improve the quality and diversity of their products, as well as optimize production processes. Let’s see it in more detail:

  • Increase product offering

    Candied fruits are a very versatile ingredient that can be used in the preparation of a wide variety of products, such as cakes, biscuits, cookies, ice creams, nougats, jams, etc. This allows the professionals of the Horeca establishments to expand their product offer and give their customers a greater variety of flavors and textures.

  • Improves the quality of the products

    The main characteristics of the candied fruits are its intense flavor and a soft and juicy texture. These qualities improve the quality of the final product and build customer loyalty. In addition, since it is candied in sugar or syrup, it can be preserved for longer periods of time, keeping the properties of the fruit intact and guaranteeing a quality product for longer.

  • Optimize production processes

    Candied fruits can be purchased in different formats and sizes, which allows chefs and pastry chefs to adapt their use to their needs and optimize production processes. For example, you can buy whole candied fruits, in cubes, in strips, in cubes, etc. This facilitates its use in different recipes and saves time in the preparation of the products.

  • Provide added value to products

    Fruits provides significant added value to the products in which it is used, as it gives them a unique flavor, texture and appearance that sets them apart from other similar products on the market. In addition, as it is a product with a long tradition in gastronomy, its use can contribute to the differentiation and exclusivity of the products. In this way, the establishment can gain an advantage over its competitors.

  • Durability

    Candied fruits has a longer shelf life than fresh fruit, which means that it can be stored for longer without losing its nutritional properties and flavor. Its duration depends on different factors, such as the way it has been prepared, the amount of sugar that has been used, the storage conditions and the type of fruit. However, in general, well prepared and properly stored candied fruits can last several months, or even years, without losing its quality.

  • Candied fruits versatility

    Candied fruits can be used in a wide variety of preparations, from desserts to savory dishes. It can also be a perfect ingredient to decorate cakes, tartlets, biscuits, breads or cookies, among others. In addition, it can be eaten as a snack or appetizer without the need to accompany it with another product.

  • Greater profitability

    When professionals use candied fruits, they avoid having to prepare the fresh fruit, which can save time in the kitchen and allow for greater efficiency in production. In addition, seasonal fruits can be used throughout the year in the preparation of the products.

On the other hand, candied fruits can be cheaper than fresh fruit, especially considering the durability and less waste that occurs when using it.

What candied fruits brands do professionals choose?

As we can see, there are many benefits that candied fruit brings to professionals, and they must choose the brand that will provide them with the fruit they need for their dishes. In our case, we have the privilege of supplying many professionals who want a quality product, with a multitude of formats and containers and with the confidence of a brand that has been in the market for more than 80 years.

In the case of cherries, we have our own plantation, therefore, the quality of the raw material is even higher. Another aspect of our products that professionals love is that we take care of the preparation from the harvest of the fruit to the final packaging, without intermediaries.

The final result is the enormous quality and variety of candied fruits for professionals that we have in our catalogue. If you don’t know us yet, contact us and tell us what you need. We can customize your order. Talk later?