Candied fruit with chocolateCandied fruit is one of the most used ingredients in desserts, both traditional and of new creation. Its unmistakable texture, intense color and sweet flavor give the final product a perfect touch, either as a mere decoration or as the main ingredient.

Candied fruit with chocolate

In addition, it combines perfectly with other ingredients widely used in confectionery, such as chocolate, vanilla or cream, among others. Candied fruit with chocolate is a combination that offers exquisite products to those with a sweet tooth. In this post we are going to review desserts where candied fruit plays a relevant role.

Types of desserts with candied fruit

We all know desserts where candied fruit is an essential ingredient, such as Panettone or Roscón de Reyes, but there are also other products where they are used to provide that master touch that professionals look for in their creations. Let’s see some desserts where professionals use candied fruit very successfully:

  • Chocolate Bonbons: cubes of candied fruit are used together with dark, white or milk chocolate.
  • Muffins: candied cherries, lemon, orange, kiwi, apple or pear can be used. In addition, they combine very well with sunflower or pumpkin seeds.
  • Rosco Brioche: it is ideal for breakfast and snack. Candied fruit cubes or candied cherries are usually included for decoration.
  • Truffles with walnut nougat: pieces of candied fruit are usually introduced, such as cherries or a mixture of fruits.
  • Marzipan: they are delicious with pieces of candied fruit to fill.
  • Meringues: pieces of cherry or strips of orange and lemon are used together with nuts (almonds and pine nuts).
  • Almond cookies: pieces of cherry and candied orange with dark chocolate work very well.
  • Cream and vanilla tartlet: pieces of candied fruit are used to taste: cherry, kiwi, strawberries, etc.
  • Muffins: you can introduce only a fruit such as candied cherry, or orange or lemon strips.
  • Roscón de Reyes: they usually contain large pieces of melon, pumpkin, cherries or oranges and are filled with whipped cream, truffle cream or chocolate.
  • Cottage cheese and white chocolate cannolis: here the candied fruits must be chopped very fine for their effect to be more surprising.
  • Scones: raisins or candied fruit cubes can be used.
  • Cupcakes: all kinds of pieces of candied fruit are used, such as kiwi, orange, lemon, pear, apple, etc.
  • Cheesecake: it goes very well with strips of candied orange.
  • Brownies: Red fruits such as cherries, blackberries or strawberries are usually used in this dessert.
  • Coca de crema: liquor cherries, maraschino cherries or candied cherries can be used.
  • Fritters: they are delicious with pieces of candied fruit and dried fruit such as walnuts or almonds.

As we can see, candied fruit cubes are one of the most attractive formats to include in a dessert, not only because of their flavor and texture, but also because of the different colors and flavors they provide, since different fruits are presented, such as apple, peach, pear, pumpkin, lemon or orange, among others.

This explosion of flavor offers many possibilities to professionals when it comes to mixing with other ingredients, even with other more exotic fruits such as pineapple, mango or passion fruit. Candied fruit cubes are used in traditional desserts such as English pudding or brioche cake and also in smaller format products such as cookies, cupcakes, cakes, chocolates, etc., but good pastry chefs always try to reinvent traditional recipes using candied fruit in an innovative way to surprise their customers.

Candied fruit with chocolate

We all know that chocolate is one of the star products in confectionery. We can taste it in cakes, biscuits, cakes, chocolates, pancakes and in countless increasingly sophisticated creations. There are many types of chocolate and depending on how they are combined with other ingredients, the result can be very different.

We are going to see some desserts where candied fruit is perfectly combined with chocolate and the experts make their hotel, restaurant and catering clients lick their fingers:

  • Orange and chocolate: the citrus of the orange enhances the flavor of the chocolate even more, especially if it is black. A delicious and very simple dessert is to serve candied orange strips and dip them in chocolate.
  • Cherries with chocolate : chocolate candied cherries offer traditional cakes such as the Black Forest and also muffins, flans, mousses, cookies, chocolates and much more.
  • Banana with chocolate: this delicious mixture can be especially enjoyed in brownies, biscuits, snacks, cupcakes, tarts and much more.

Other fruits widely used in confectionery, such as strawberries or red fruits (berries, blueberries, blackberries, etc.), also combine very well with different types of chocolate, due to the contrast between the sweetness of the chocolate and the acidity of this type of fruit. . The result is very interesting, which is why many professionals opt for this type of combination.

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