high quality tinned fruit for delicious dessertsFruits in syrup are consistently used in desserts and they are appreciated by many master bakers who add them as a basic ingredient. Professionals opt for the highest quality tinned fruit when making their desserts and many HORECA establishments include these types of sweets in their menus because of their distinct colour and taste.
How to use tinned fruit in desserts

Six examples of desserts which include tinned fruit as a basic ingredient in the recipe are mentioned below. All of these desserts succeed in winning over clients at all types of venues, including restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, hotels and outside catering.

1-Diplomatic pudding

Within the range of egg and milk-based desserts known as pudin the classic Diplomatic pudding continues to triumph. This dessert is a sure bet among youngsters and the elderly alike, especially because its flavour and texture can be combined with all sorts of tinned fruit, such as kiwis cherries, apples, strawberries, blackberries or oranges. This is a fantastic dessert to enjoy after lunch or at breakfast or with afternoon tea.

2-  Yoghurt and tinned fruit

A flute filled with yogurt and tinned fruit allows for all sorts of combinations, at the whim of the client. The most popular yoghurt chosen for this dessert is Greek yoghurt because it is creamy. Another option is frozen yoghurt with pieces of fruit inside. This dessert is rarely absent from catering and hotel menus because it is so easy to prepare and is an authentic taste explosion.

3-  Apple flan

The humble apple tart may be a classic, but that does not make it any less popular. Despite more showy and elaborate desserts being on offer, apple flan holds it own and is an absolute must at cake shops and hospitality venues. Lazaya’s tinned apples are key ingredients for this type of dessert that can be decorated with cherries for a touch of colour and flavour.

4- Sponge cake with tinned fruit

Sponge cake is never far away from a Spanish breakfast table, nor is it absent when having a morning cup of coffee – in fact, cake fits nicely into any part of the day. If fruits in syrup are added to the cake mixture during preparation, the result is a delicious sponge cake full of textures not normally found in traditional sponge cakes. Kiwi fruit, with strawberries or orange, make an excellent combination to enjoy this classic baked good.

5- Muffins and cupcakes with fruit pieces

This is another wildly popular dessert, especially with little ones. Depending on the size and texture of the fruit pieces, sometimes it is even possible to add different fruits to the same cake. Cupcakes usually contain fruits of the forest such as cherries, strawberries or blackberries, whereas larger, textured muffins can include bits of apple, orange or kiwi. The end result delights clients with all sorts of likes and tastes, pleasantly surprising one and all.

6- Fruit tarts with various fruits

This established dessert always attracts attention because there are so many ways to make it. There can be differences in the size of the tart, the ingredients used for the shell, or the different fruits that it can combine. It all depends on how creative the baker is. Furthermore, baking is not always necessary, allowing for delicious textures and flavours. Bright colours can be used to decorate and make the tart more attractive, fruits such as cherries, strawberries or blackberries, although any fruit can be used to match every taste.

How to decorate desserts with tinned fruit

Apart from using fruit in syrup when making desserts, these tinned fruits are also essential for decorating and drawing attention to certain dishes. The bright colours provided by fruits such as strawberries or cherries, with their intense red hue, or unmistakable kiwi green, or golden apple yellow or dark blackberry, are all attractive elements that encourage the consumption of one particular dessert or another.

Everyone knows that we eat with our eyes first, which is why master bakers always opt for combining colours and flavours to surprise their clients. One important rule of thumb is not to mix more than three fruits at the same time and also to make sure that the best quality tinned fruit is at hand. These are some of the combinations that can be used to create attractive desserts:

  • Strawberries with oranges
  • Kiwis with oranges and blackberries
  • Strawberries with blackberries
  • Cherries with kiwis and blackberries
  • Strawberries with kiwis
  • Oranges with apples
  • Cherries with oranges

At Lazaya we have our own orchards and boast the best preserved fruit and tinned fruit on the market for making and decorating desserts. Get in touch and find out more or make an enquiry. Trust in brand that has been around for 75 years.