Best preserved fruit supplier

Best wholesale candied fruit supplierProfessionals need to buy candied fruit in bulk, as it is usually one of the most used ingredients in their dishes and desserts. When choosing your supplier of candied fruit, there are many factors that must be taken into account, such as quality, variety of formats, packaging and the ability to customize your orders.

Best wholesale candied fruit supplier

In this post we are going to explain how professionals choose their candied fruit wholesale.

Quality candied fruit

Quality is one of the main aspects that a chef or a confectionery professional looks at when choosing their candied fruit supplier because it is undoubtedly a differentiating element in the final product. Quality candied fruit not only looks and tastes better than other fruits, but has also undergone the strictest quality controls and professionals know that they can use it with all guarantees.

On the other hand, the raw material is another differentiating element that only a few suppliers on the market offer, especially those that have their own fruit plantations and take care of the entire production process themselves, without intermediaries.

This is an aspect that professionals especially value, since they know that these brands carry out a very exhaustive selection of fruit and the process from the collection of the fruit to the final packaging is carried out by the same specialists. They are companies that, like the case of Lazaya, have spent many decades (in our case, more than 80 years) updating their production processes and implementing technological improvements without losing the essence of traditional artisanal methods.

Each of these aspects adds up to achieve a candied fruit of the highest quality adapted to the demands of today’s chefs and pastry chefs who are increasingly demanding.

Wholesale candied fruit: what should a good supplier offer?

First of all, the wholesale candied fruit supplier must have a wide catalog of candied fruit in different formats. For example, candied cherries that can be purchased whole, in halves, in pieces, with or without stems, with or without stones, with different brix and sizes and even with different shades.

Without a doubt, this offers a wide variety of choice to experts when it comes to making their creations. Regarding the formats, it is also important to have different materials, such as glass, cardboard, plastic or tin, since depending on the needs of each moment, the professional can choose the one that suits him best.

But, apart from the wide variety of products, formats and packaging, the litmus test that any brand of candied fruit must pass is simply eating it. Professionals know just by tasting a fruit if it is of low, medium, high or excellent quality.

Most professionals seek excellence in their creations, which is why they choose excellent candied fruit. The main characteristics of a high-quality candied fruit are its smell, its flavor and its texture. These are the three main scales that an expert checks before choosing a wholesale candied fruit supplier.

With a previous examination, you can appreciate the general appearance of the fruit, its size, its color, its smell and, of course, its flavor and texture once it is tasted. All professionals have an exquisite palate to detect high-quality candied fruits and, most of the time, with this simple test, they already know if that brand may be among their favorites.

Some more technical specialists, apart from tasting the fruit, will also look at other aspects such as the concentration of sugar, the degree of humidity or the degree of acidity, although to know these parameters it is necessary to use precision instruments such as a pH meter (to measure the pH of fruit) or a refractometer (for measurement of sugar concentration).

Although today the kitchen has reached a very high level of professionalism and these small details can make the difference between one dessert and another, usually just by trying a candied fruit and savoring it, it is enough to know if we are dealing with a brand that deserves we spend time on investigating its entire catalog or not.

Why choose Lazaya candied fruit

In addition to our experience in the production of canned fruit (since 1940), we also have our own cherry plantation and all the necessary facilities for the production and packaging of all our products.

We also have an R&D department to continue innovating in the creation of new products for professionals, always maintaining our very high quality standards. Contact us with any questions or to tell us about the type of wholesale candied fruit you need.