Using jam in cakes: sachertorte

If you have not yet discovered the delight of Lazaya jam in baked goods, now is the time to do so, because these jams are a helpful ingredient for many desserts, some of which can be quite surprising. In this post we will explain the steps to make a sachertorte using some of the variety of fruit fillings from Lazaya. We promise you will make cakes that are spongier and more delicious.

Using jam in cakes: sachertorte

The famous sachertorte was created by Austrian baker Franz Sacher in 1832 in Vienna. In its original recipe, it consisted of two layers of chocolate sponge cake joined together with a thin film of apricot jam. Later on, this cake began to be covered with dark chocolate frosting on the top and side and served with whipped cream.

Just the sight of this delicious dessert is enough to delight chocolate-lovers and, generally, anyone who likes traditional cakes. At present there is a wide variety of versions of this cake, reliant solely on the imagination and creativity of each baker.

Many factory-based bakers use fruit fillings from Lazaya in their pastries and we have asked one of the master bakers at a factory bakery how they make sachertorte in such a way as to make the most of our jams.

See below the ingredients used by this professional baker and the sachertorte recipe, step by step. This tasty dessert should be seen in all HORECA establishments and be displayed in the windows of the best bakeries in order to delight their clients.

Sachertorte recipe

In order to make this sachertorte we are going to use chocolate sponge filled with apricot jam, covered with a truffle topping and then steeped in chocolate cream. To finish, a touch of white chocolate.

Sachertorte ingredients:

  • Cake mix for cocoa sponge (flour, sugar and cocoa powder)
  • Cocoa cream (made with sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa powder, powered skimmed milk and hazelnut paste).
  • Sugar.
  • Pasturized liquid cream.
  • Apricot jam by Lazaya.
  • Water.
  • Chocolate paste (made with powdered chocolate, vegetable oil, powdered cocoa and vanilla).
  • White chocolate cream (made with sugar, powdered skimmed milk and vanilla essence)
  • White chocolate curls (made with powdered full fat milk, sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla essence.

Glucose syrup

How to make sachertorte step by step

1- We start by making a cocoa sponge cake and once baked (image 1) we divide it in half with a machine.

how to make sacher cake with apricot jam

Apricot jam to make sacher cakeSacher cake and apricot lazaya jam Cake cutter in sacher cake with apricot jam

2- Then we make a syrup from water and sugar which is removed from the heat source when it reaches 96ºC. Afterwards the syrup is poured into a machine and applied to the cake. This measure of syrup ensures that the sponge cake is juicier and helps avoid it drying out.

Creation of the cake to make sacher cake with apricot jam Application of glucose syrup on sacher cake

3- Then whisk some apricot jam from Lazaya in a bowl for roughly five minutes until it reaches the right texture.

Application of glucose syrup on sacher cake Apricot jam is beaten to mount in sacher cake

4- The jam is spread over one half of the cake and the other half is then placed on top, completely covering the jam.

Application of apricot jam on sacher cake Apricot jam is spread over sacher cake We fully extend the apricot jam over the sacher cake Finished spread of apricot jam on sacher cake

5- Then syrup is spread over the two halves of the cake on the top.

Application of sugar syrup on sacher cake filled with apricot jam

6- The cake is then completely iced with the truffle mixure.

The truffle preparation is prepared to apply on sacher cake The truffle preparation is applied on sacher cake with apricot jam filled with lazaya Sacher cake stuffed with lazaya apricot jam covered with truffle

7-  The cake is then covered in cocoa cream and white chocolate curls are placed on top.

Sacher cake with finished apricot jam

The unique characteristics of Lazaya’s fruit fillings

  • They are top quality
  • They are made by Lazaya themselves
  • There is a wide range of jams: peach, apricot, apple, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and kiwi, as well as marmalade.
  • They are perfect for baking or for using cold
  • They can be applied to mixes before being placed in the oven and still keep their properties.
  • They can be syringed into products such as cakes or cupcakes where the jam’s viscosity allows the fruit filling to gel.
  • Their sieved jams (that come bit-free) can be used to fill goods that have already been baked.
  • Their chunky jams (with bits of fruit) can be used in breakfasts and puddings.
  • They are available sugar-free and with natural colorants.

About Lazaya

We are a family business that was set up in the Aragon region of Spain in 1940. We specialize in preserved fruits and offer a comprehensive catalogue of products that meet the high expectations of all sorts of professionals and wholesalers. Our added value comes from the fact that we oversee the whole of the production, from when the fruit is harvested in our own orchards, through to when the product is made using the latest technological means at our disposal, up to distribution over five continents. We have international certifications covering food safety and security. Our wide catalogue is deeply appreciated by those running cake shops. If you would like more information about our products, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.