candied onion in sweet and savoury dishesIn recent times candied vegetables have burst onto the scene, embraced by many professional chefs in their repertoire. The most popular of this range is candied onions given their versatility and the fact that they can be used straight from the tin. No preparation is required. Candied onions can be added to the dish straightaway, saving a lot of time.
candied onion in the kitchen

Candied onions have many uses: as a garnish, as a stuffing for meat or fish, as an ingredient in stews, soups, creamed vegetable soups, broths, sauces and sautés. They are also used to prepare exquisite pasties or croquettes.

How to use candied onion in sweet and savoury dishes

Candied onion can be found in many dishes because it brings a strong flavour and contrasting texture, providing assiduous chefs with a lot of room for imagination. Examples of dishes that admit candied onion include:


Candied onion is a perfect ingredient to add to salads because it mixes well with carrots, lettuce, endives etc. They are excellent in oriental salads where the candied onion is combined with different ingredients such as rice, chicken, prawns, pieces of fresh orange, etc.

Spanish omellete (tortilla)

This delicious Spanish dish has gained international fame. Recipes vary, with some including onion and others omitting it. For those who opt for adding onion, there is no better chef’s ally than candied onion to exponentially increase the flavour.  Simply add them once the eggs have been whisked and the tortilla is ready to fry.

In hamburgers

It is a well-known fact that kids love hamburgers and they will note the great improvement when candied onion is added to their favourite dish instead of raw onion. Candied onion provides great flavour and perfectly combines with meat, tomato, gherkin, cheese, chicken, bacon or any other ingredient that you wish to add to the burger. In one master stroke you have transformed the burger from regular to deluxe!

In pasta dishes

Candied onion can be used with all kinds of pasta, especially when it is combined with ingredients such as chopped tomatoes, shrimps, prawns, tuna, mushrooms or melted cheese and cream. The relish of the candied onion works to bring out the flavour of these ingredients as well as adding a surprising texture to the dish, which never fails to please.

In pizzas

Another family favourite is pizza, especially given the fact that pizza can be made with so many different ingredients, thus suiting everyone’s tastes: anchovies, olives, capers, gherkins, pineapple, bacon, tuna, ham and much more. Candied onion suits all pizza ingredients and enhances their flavours.

In garnishes

A good garnish serves the double purpose of decoration and side dish. Garnishes enhance the main dish, be it a fish or meat stew, a roast or anything else. Candied onion can be served with stir fried vegetables or steamed vegetables such as spinach, carrots or courgette.

In baking

Master bakers often use candied onion to make jam that is then used to fill cakes, pies, cupcakes, tarts, pastries and many other types of desserts. Candied onion’s intense flavour adds a twist to these sorts of sweets and is one of the best kept secrets employed by hotels, restaurants and catering companies to surprise their clients.

Which ingredients pair well with candied onion?

It goes without saying that candied onion features in many meals, either as a side dish or as a main ingredient, but it also pairs well with bread, cheese, peppers, penny bun mushrooms or foie gras, as a delicious starter.

You can also add candied onion to fish dishes such as tuna fish, sea food, cod, salmon, hake, squid in ink or mackerel, and when it comes to meat dishes, why not try candied onion with pork chops or medallions, or with chicken or lamb.

Adding candied onion to toasted sandwiches, paninis or with goat’s cheese canapes is quite simply delicious. Baked potatoes and quiche also benefit from being paired with candied onion and will please your clients with their intense and surprising flavour.

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