Uses of cherries in syrupUses of cherries in syrup, with their intense sweetness and juicy flavor, are a gastronomic treasure that transcends borders. This ingredient has conquered palates around the world, becoming an essential element in international cuisine.

In this post we are going to explore the uses of cherries in syrup around the world and how professionals from different cultures have adapted this ingredient in their traditional dishes and desserts to create unique gastronomic experiences.

Uses of cherries in syrup in the world

From the valleys of Europe to the lush fields of Latin America, cherries in syrup have been a revered delicacy throughout history. Its production process, which involves submerging them in sugary syrup, not only preserves their freshness but intensifies their natural flavor. This delicate balance of sweetness and acidity has seduced palates around the world. Let’s see how this ingredient is used on the five continents.

Europe: tradition in every bite

In Europe, cherries in syrup are used in the different cuisines of the old continent. Chocolate and cherries in syrup are a classic combination of European pastries. One of the most famous examples is the Black Forest Cake, a dessert of German origin that is made with chocolate cake, whipped cream and cherries in syrup. This cake owes its name to the cherry liqueur used to soak the cake and which comes from the Black Forest region in southwestern Germany.

Cherries in syrup are also an essential component in the preparation of the famous clafoutis, a typical French dessert that is made with a liquid dough similar to that of crepes and baked with cherries. This combination offers a fluffy texture and vibrant flavor, plus the dessert is made even better when you sprinkle icing sugar and add a chocolate sauce.

In Italy, cherries in syrup are also used in the preparation of one of its most emblematic desserts such as tiramisu, creating a unique harmony of flavors, textures and colors.

Asia: fusion of sweet and salty

In Asia, cherries in syrup are used in a multitude of dishes that perfectly combine sweet and salty flavors. Rice is a staple of Asian cuisine and can be prepared in many different ways, such as rice pudding, a very popular dessert in countries such as India, Pakistan or Iran. It is usually served hot or cold and you can add nuts, honey or cherries in syrup, which give it a magnificent contrast of color and flavor. It is a very popular dessert in hotels, restaurants and catering companies.

Another way to combine rice and cherries in syrup is in cherry sushi, a sweet variant of Japanese sushi that is made with glutinous rice cooked with sugar and rice vinegar. The rice is molded into balls and filled with a cherry in syrup. It can be decorated with sesame seeds or grated coconut and accompanied with a chocolate or caramel sauce.

In Chinese cuisine, cherries in syrup are widely used in sweet and sour dishes, as they add an explosion of flavor that balances different sauces. For its part, in Japan, cherries in syrup decorate the famous Dorayakis, which are pancakes filled with adzuki beans, creating an excellent combination of textures and flavors.

United States and South America: tropical delights

In Latin America, professionals perfectly combine cherries in syrup with tropical fruits to create delicious desserts and it can also be made in savory dishes, such as different meats. An example of this is the duck with cherries, a typical American dish that is made by roasting a whole duck and serving it with a sauce of cherries in syrup, red wine, broth and spices. The sweet and sour flavor of the cherries contrasts with the fatty and salty flavor of the duck, creating a balanced and tasty fusion.

Another dish that uses cherries in syrup and meat is pork loin with cherries, a traditional recipe from Mexico that is made by browning a pork loin and cooking it with a sauce of cherries in syrup, chili, garlic, onion and bay leaf. The final result is a tender and juicy loin with a spicy and sweet touch.

On the other hand, in a country like Brazil, cherries in syrup merge with the creaminess of brigadeiro, a traditional sweet well known for its softness and intense flavor.

Africa: the influence of nature in gastronomy

In Africa, where the connection with nature is an integral part of daily life, cherries in syrup are integrated into dishes and desserts that stand out for the freshness of their ingredients. In some regions, they are used in fruit salads, providing a touch of sweetness that complements the variety of flavors present in African cuisine.

Quality cherries in syrup

As we have seen, the different uses of cherry in syrup throughout the world, together with its versatility and exquisite flavor, allows Horeca establishments to prepare everything from classic desserts to innovative combinations that have conquered lovers of good food around the world.

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