Wholesale candied fruitsWholesale candied fruit are a key Horeca partner. Candied fruit is a delicious ingredient that appears in numerous dishes and desserts in hotels, restaurants and catering companies. Unlike traditional fruit, candied fruit goes through a process of cooking and preserving in sugar, which gives it a unique flavor and texture that customers like very much.

In this post we are going to see the advantages offered to professionals by wholesale candied fruit compared to the traditional fruit and why it is so important to include it as a main ingredient in the kitchens of chefs and pastry chefs.

Why is wholesale candied fruit so appreciated by professionals?

These are the main aspects that professionals look at to include wholesale candied fruit among their main products:

  • Greater durability and conservation

    One of the main advantages of candied fruit is its greater durability compared to traditional fruit. Candied fruit can last for months, even years, without losing its flavor or quality. This is due to the confit process, which acts as a natural preservation method. On the other hand, traditional fruit can go bad quickly and require refrigeration to stay fresh for only a few days.

  • Easy transport and storage

    In addition to its durability, another very important advantage of candied fruit is its easy transport and storage. As it does not require refrigeration, it makes it a very interesting option for transport and is ideal for those who want to have fruit available at any time without worrying about space in the refrigerator. It can be stored in pantries or cupboards and will always be ready for consumption.

  • Versatility in the kitchen

    Candied fruit offers professionals a wide range of possibilities in the kitchen and a wide range of alternatives to offer their customers. For example, as a sweet and healthy snack, to add to all kinds of desserts, such as tarts, tartlets, cookies, pies or ice cream, or also to use it as an ingredient in savory dishes, such as salads or sauces. Candied fruit adds a touch of sweetness and extra texture to any recipe, allowing the professional to experiment and create unique and delicious dishes.

  • Less preparation time

    When using traditional fruit it is necessary to peel, cut and pit the pieces, which can be time consuming. In this sense, the candied fruit is ready to use at any time, which saves time and effort in preparation. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the degree of ripeness of the fruit or its quality, since the candied fruit is always ready to be used in any dish and speeds up the process of preparing desserts and sweet dishes. This is especially beneficial in high demand environments or when high volume production is required.

  • Longer useful life and availability

    As we know, the traditional fruit can only be enjoyed during its normal harvest season, therefore its availability is limited. This makes it difficult for the professional to get specific fruits for their preparations. On the other hand, candied fruit is available in the market at any time of the year, which allows you to enjoy them regardless of the season. This is especially beneficial in certain places where finding a specific type of fruit is very difficult.

Advantages of buying wholesale candied fruit for chefs and pastry chefs

Wholesale candied fruit provides a series of important benefits to professionals. These are the most important:

  • Variety and constant availability

    By purchasing wholesale candied fruit, chefs and pastry chefs have access to a wide variety of candied fruits, allowing them to experiment with different flavors and textures in their creations. In addition, it offers them constant availability, ensuring that they always have a stock available to meet customer demand and maintain consistency in their products.

  • Quality and taste

    By purchasing wholesale candied fruit from a trusted brand, chefs and pastry chefs can guarantee the quality and flavor of their preparations. Professionally produced candied fruit follows standardized processes, meaning each batch will have the same level of sweetness, texture, and freshness. This allows professionals to maintain the quality of their products and provide a much more satisfying gastronomic experience to their customers.

  • Possibility of customization

    Purchasing wholesale candied fruit allows professionals to customize their orders to their specific needs. They can request different sizes of candied fruit, specific cuts and formats or even request custom flavors. This gives them the flexibility to adapt to your recipes and offer unique products that stand out from the competition.

  • Favorable cost-benefit ratio with wholesale candied fruit

    Wholesale candied fruit offers a very favorable cost-benefit ratio for chefs and pastry chefs. When large quantities are purchased, prices are more competitive and allow Horeca establishments to reduce costs compared to buying candied fruit in small quantities. This can be especially beneficial for those who have high demand for their products or who want to maximize their profit margins.

Lazaya: leading wholesale candied fruit company

As we can see, the advantages of wholesale candied fruit are many in relation to natural fruit and professionals look for brands with a long history in the market that perfectly adapt to their needs. In Lazaya Preserved fruits we have been manufacturing the highest quality candied fruit for professionals for more than 80 years with product monitoring from start to finish, without intermediaries, and with the highest quality standards.

Our extensive catalog in wholesale candied fruit, the variety of formats and containers and the indisputable quality of our products have made our brand a benchmark for professionals who want the best ingredients for their products and stand out from their competitors in Horeca establishments. Contact us and tell us what you need. We want to help you continue to grow.