Our Policy

Our company is fully committed to the following principles in management:

Ethical Criteria

Criterios Éticos Lazaya

We are committed to the ethical behavior guidelines of our Corporate Social Responsibility against  stakeholders. The nearest factors always come first:

  • Generating wealth in a fair, steady an reasonable way through:
    • Decent working conditions for our employees.
    • Respect for the agreements signed with customers and suppliers.
    • Reinvesting revenues in the company, as well as distributing dividends to our shareholders if possible.
  • Collaborating in different social initiatives, so that part of the wealth we generate returns to society.
  • Respecting and taking care of environment, avoiding any type of pollution, minimizing the generation of waste and rationalizing the use of natural and energy resources, thus ensuring environmental sustainability.

Quality Commitment

Compromiso de Calidad Lazaya

We are committed to the production of quality and safe food, meaning absence or acceptable level of risks in food which can harm the health of consumers:

  • Producing our products with a high level of quality and a strict compliance with food safety requirements, according to the requirements of our customers and those established by law.
  • Making available to our workers all the means required (material, formative, etc…) to be trained in the Food Safety Culture
  • Involving all workers in the Quality Management System, Food Safety and Food Defense, putting at their disposal all necessary means for the production of safe and quality products.
  • Making suppliers aware of the need to supply quality products with guaranteed food safety.
  • Improving our facilities and our production systems, thus guaranteeing a continuous improvement of the system.
  • Developing new products and processes adapting them and even anticipating the changes and requirements of the consumer society.
  • Increasing our customers’ satisfaction.

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