Candied Ginger

Jengibre en cubitos
  • Conservation: Room Temperature
  • Season: All year round
  • Availability: In stock
  • Allergens: NO
  • Certificates:Certificado IFSCertificado HalalCertificado Kosher
  • Options/
  • ○ Whole
  • ○ With Sugar/ Sugar-free
  • ○ Different brix
  • ○ With/without dextrose

Those who run HORECA establishments, cocktail bars, bakeries, ice creams shops and chocolate shops are the ones who use candied ginger in many of their creations, and are always looking for the highest quality and the formats that best suit their needs. At Lazaya, our candied ginger comes in different types of packaging, such as plastic containers, cardboard boxes, tins or glass jars, in order to give the most demanding professionals exactly what they need.

Examples of Applications of Candied diced ginger

Tuna tartare with candied ginger

Enjoy using ginger in your dishes with this revolutionary diced format

Candied diced ginger

There is also the option to choose sugar-free ginger that does not contain any allergens, preservatives or colouring to prepare dishes that are suitable for people with diabetes or allergies. Our candied ginger, like the rest of our candied vegetables, is a high quality and versatile product that is free of preservatives, colouring and allergens. It is a great alternative for chefs, mixologists, chocolatiers or pastry chefs that allows them to make creations suitable for people with diabetes.

Candied diced ginger is a condiment that is highly appreciated by professionals in the preparation of numerous dishes, desserts and cocktails, due to its unmistakable aroma and flavour.

As a side dish, it goes great with rice, pasta and salads. We can also find it in recipes with meat, fish, seafoods, tartars and other exotic dishes.

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Due to its small format and how easy it is to handle and use in many desserts, pastry chefs often use candied ginger to add to jams and marmalades, as well as in the preparation of candy, ice cream, cookies, biscuits, and the famous and extremely delicious Ginger Cheesecake. It is also used to create chocolates, as it goes perfectly with dark chocolate and provides a very different flavour and texture compared to your usual chocolates.

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