Cherries in Liquor

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Our cherries in liquor are supplied drained in cardboard boxes with plastic bags or canned in syrup, to keep 100% of its aroma and juiciness until being used. Undoubtedly, tradition and modernity blend into our exquisite glacé cherries with aniseed flavour.

Examples of Applicationf os Cherries in Liquor

Cherries in Liquor for desserts
Cherries in Liquor for desserts
Cherries in Liquor for cakes
Cherries in Liquor for desserts

Cherries in liquor with aniseed flavour are part of our cultural and gastronomic heritage. This magnificent variety of candied fruits is a classic within patisserie and chocolate manufacturing. It is essential for making recipes as attractive as the famous fruits of Aragon: the mixture of the sweet touch of the cherry, the intensity of the liquor and the crunchy chocolate is a gift for the palate. Cherries in Liquor are also used in pastries, due to the touch of colour they provide in the decoration of cakes and cupcakes. And we can not forget the presence of this variety of glace fruit in the preparation of nougat, where they have adapted to the new trends that take a chance on the mixture of flavors.

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Cherries in liquor are prepared with the best quality fruit, grown, processed and packaged in our fields and facilities. We offer different types of presentations like sugar-free and with natural colouring, both of them are very interesting, as they adapt perfectly to the new demands of consumers.

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