Cherry in Alcohol

Cherries in alcohol produced by Lazaya
  • Conservation: Room Temperature
  • Season: Campaign Manufacturing
  • Availability: On request
  • Allergens: No Allergens
  • Options/
  • ○ Different sizes
  • ○ Whole, halves and whole & broken
  • ○ Different levels of alcohol

Cherry in alcohol is an essential product for traditional and contemporary chocolate manufacturing. Fruit in alcohol mixes flavors, textures and intensities, blending the juiciness of the cherry with the strength of the alcohol. Only in this way delicate and powerful chocolates can be created, with the chocolate coating sharing the leading role with the inimitable flavour of the fruit in alcohol.

Example of Applications of Cherry in Alcohol

Cherries in alcohol for chocolates

Thanks to this, we offer to our customers two different presentations that allow them to vary the size and the format of their processed final products. Cherry in alcohol is supplied in a special packaging: plastic drums.

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At Lazaya we personally control the process of our cherry in alcohol from start to finish: from the field, to the packaging. In our plantations we cultivate cherries of first quality, which are processed by the most advanced technology to be able to conserve all the natural properties of this delicate fruit. In addition, we achieve high standards of food safety, with reduced rates of presence of plant remains (leaves, stems, pits) and others. Only in this way can we guarantee our customers the excellence of our preserved fruit. We can ensure that our cherries in alcohol provide the best results for the production of high quality fruit and liquor chocolates.

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