Production Control

We are an Aragonian family-owned company that controls and take care of preserved fruit from growing in our own plantations to the final handling and packaging in different product versions for the market.


Cultivo de frutales. Control productivo Lazaya

Growing our own plantations allows us to provide the factory with a raw material in the best conditions for its use, as well as achieving the best performance and quality.


Transformación de frutas en conserva. Control productivo Lazaya

The manufacturing process in our plant is different for every product presentation. Nevertheless, they have in common our commitment to quality and food safety, based in the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), the internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food.


Envasado de frutas. Control productivo Lazaya

Manufacturing process in Conservas Lazaya, Frutas y Dulces ends with packaging, a stage that vary depending on the different physical-chemical characteristics of every product but also on the target markets: bakeries, confectioneries, factories, cocktail making, retail, hotel and catering channel or industry.

Cultivation of Fruit Trees

Cultivo de cerezas Lazaya

To this end, we select the best fruit varieties, removing those of them with a lower performance or with harder processing requirements.

Once the best varieties of rape fruit have been selected, we model the growth of our trees with special prunings in their first years, in order to collect fruit keeping its quality.

We carry out the needed treatments along the year to ensure an optimal quality in fruit. This allows us to comply with agriculture regulations and standards that are world known as Global Gap but also to monitor soil composition, level of nutrients and water needs.

When fruit reaches the optimal level for being processed in our facilities, it is cropped and immediately sent to the plant with aim of ensuring as less distress as possible, getting it in good condition before handling. Thanks to this quick processing, we get excellent versions of glacé fruits, canned cherries in syrup and maraschino cherries.

Processing of Preserved Fruits

Transformación de frutas en conserva

The manufacturing process starts with the fruit being prepared: sizing, stem-removing, pitting and cutting, depending on each case. Soon afterwards, they are processed in the different production lines: glacé fruits, canned fruits in syrup.

Our company is noted for displaying a huge versatility in order to adapt products to our customer’s special needs:  brix degrees, preservatives, flavourings, food colorings…

Packaging of Preserved Fruits

Envasado de frutas en conservaOur packaging adapts to every product depending on needs of pasteurization (can, bottle, plastic bag) or not (bag-in-boxes, plastic containers). Depending on it, there are different capacities: from 200 ml to 4.250 ml in the first case, and from 200 g to 10 kg in the second case.

Experts in Preserved Fruits

If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We develop custom products.

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