Candied Onion

Cebolla confitada
  • Conservation: Room Temperature
  • Season: Todo el año
  • Availability: In stock
  • Allergens: NO
  • Certificates:Certificado IFSCertificado HalalCertificado Kosher
  • Opciones/
  • ○ Pieces, slices
  • ○ With Sugar/ Sugar-free
  • ○ Different brix

The Lazaya candied onion is intended to be used by chefs at restaurants, hotel establishments and cafeterias (HORECA), ice creams shops and by those who run bakeries.

Examples of Applications of Candied Onion

Oriental salad with candied onion

Candied sweet onion

Prepare your dishes with candied onions to make them stand out

Our product, apart from offering outstanding quality, comes in different packages adapted to the needs of any kitchen, such as plastic containers, cardboard boxes with a plastic bag, tins or jars. It also has a long shelf life of between two and three years. Our candied onion is a product of exceptional quality and versatility, as it contains no colouring, preservatives or allergens. Professional chefs and bakers can prepare dishes and desserts that are suitable for diabetics, thanks to the sugar-free version of our candied onion.

Candied onion is practically an essential ingredient when it comes to preparing dishes and pastry products due to its ability to enhance the flavour of other foods. It is also used as a garnish with meat and fish, and in the preparation of salads (such as those with an Asian inspiration), as well as in vegetable stews, appetisers, pizzas, hamburgers and omelettes.

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The main quality of the candied onions is that they come already prepared and ready to be used in different dishes and desserts. This aspect greatly facilitates the work of chefs and master pastry chefs, as they have access to a quality product that can be used quickly and that in many cases doesn’t require any type of handling.

Bakers use candied onion a lot in the preparation of jams, cakes and tartlets, among other products, because it provides an unmistakable flavour and texture.

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