Preserved fruit for Other sectors

Preserved fruits for food sectorThe possibilities of preserved fruit for the food industry have expanded in the last few years. The culinary trends tend to mix and contrast different flavours: sweet, acid, salty… In this way, the addition of candied fruit to food preparations may be an interesting field to explore, incorporating preserved fruit in traditional recipes as patés, meat preparations, fruit fillings, cold meats, etc. Orange slices in light syrup are perfect for attractive decorations due to their visual appealing, that makes a difference. Candied cherries or cherry in light syrup may also be included in the preparation of pâtés, adding them a singular touch of sweetness and juiciness that match perfectly with the intense salty taste of these products. Nowadays, a large Can’t you find any product?, Contact us and we will help you. amount of preparations may benefit from the wide arrange of preserved fruit we can supply to the food industry.

Most Common Candied Fruits for Other Sectors

Candied fruits are an extraordinary election to add new flavours and a splash of colour to sweet and salty preparations. As a part of pâtés or roasts, or even in the decoration of ready-to-serve prepared meals, glace fruit is an ingredient of great interest. Candied cherries and Maraschino cherry are outstading products for these preparations, as they add a juicy and crunchy touch to delicate recipes of pâtés or liver mousses.  Glace fruit performs beautifully in the presentation of the meals, especially when cut in cubes or strips of candied orange peel.  Figs and apricot in syrup also do well as a garnish for roasted meats or stews. Sweet taste of these elaborations makes candied fruits a very appealing option for the food industry.

Selection of Fruits in Syrup

Our fruit in syrup stands out when it joins the intense salty flavour of prepared ready meals such as roasts, stuffed poultry, cold meat, pâtés or mousses. Either cherries in light syrup or slices of orange in light syrup, their bright and joyful colours make a difference when added to quality culinary preparations. Apple in syrup may also be used to cook applesauce for furnishing meat or poultry stew recipes. Light and pleasant on the palate, our preserved fruit is supplied in easy-to-deliver and handle packaging. Those looking for quality fruit products will be able to appreciate the excellence of our fruits in syrup.

Family of Candied Vegetables

Professionals are always looking for a distinguishing touch and originality in their creations, hence the use of candied vegetables is becoming increasingly common in the most demanding and innovative kitchens. The versatility, the different flavours and textures, and the fact that the product is ready to be used without any preparation, are the qualities that chefs and bakers value most when choosing the best candied vegetables for their recipes.

Family of Fruit Jam and Jelly Fruits

We also have Sugar-free preserved fruits!

Los productos sin azúcar permiten ampliar la oferta gastronómica en el campo de los platos preparados y semi-preparados. Deliciosas recetas como patés, asados o aves rellenas ganan enteros cuando incluyen productos sin azúcar como la fruta confitada, en almíbar o las mermeladas. Estas últimas son ideales para presentar junto al mejor foie o los patés más exquisitos, creando un magnífico maridaje que se basa en la mezcla de dulce y salado. Las frutas en conserva ven así ampliada su oferta, a través de propuestas más saludables e hipocalóricas. Los productos sin azúcar son, por ello, básicos para los profesionales del sector de la alimentación.
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