Other Fruits in Syrup

Other Fruits in Syrup
  • Conservation: Room Temperature
  • Season: Depending on the fruit
  • Availability: On request (stock in some formats)
  • Allergens: No Allergens
  • Certificates:Certificate HalalCertificate Kosher
  • Options/
  • ○ Different cuts
  • ○ With Sugar/ Sugar-free
  • ○ Different brix

The variety of presentations of our other fruits in syrup not only covers the different fruits available, but also their finishes. In Lazaya we make specific elaborations depending on each fruit

Examples of Applications of Other Fruits in Syrup

Other fruits in syrup for desserts
Other fruits in syrup for ice-creams
Other fruits in syrup for desserts
Other fruits in syrup for baking

Fruit in syrup are essential in the elaboration of many recipes for bakeries. In addition to classic fruits such as peach in syrup, a traditional product that remains an excellent choice for the preparation of desserts and cakes, our canned fruits also offer other fruits in syrup as original and exquisite as kiwi, strawberry and blackberry. Today, the use of canned fruits different from the usual ones is a trend in pastry: its intense colors and its flavours add new gastronomic notes to the recipes.

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Our preserved fruit is always supplied in cans, as they are easy to handle, light and resistant for transport. Bakeries that value the quality will appreciate the versatility, flavour and variety of our delicious fruits in syrup, a luxury for the palate that contributes to improve the look and qualities of any sweet elaboration

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