Fruit Paste

Fruit Paste
  • Conservation: Room Temperature
  • Season: All year round
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Allergens: SO2
  • Certificates:Certificate HalalCertificate Kosher
  • Options/
  • ○ Bake-stable, injectable, spreadable
  • ○ Screened, crushed
  • ○ With Sugar/ Sugar-free
  • ○ Different brix
  • ○ Assortment: orange, lemon, fig

The fruit paste that Lazaya makes with candied fruits is the perfect ingredient for sweet preparations, as it may be mixed with dough and cookies.

Examples of Applications of Fruit Paste

Fruit Paste

Its texture is that of a dense jam, so that its applications vary from those of fruit fillings and pastry jams. In the elaboration of fruit paste we use fruit of great quality, which is sifted and then mixed with glucose syrup to make it more malleable without losing its consistency.

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