Preserved Fruit for Retailers

Preserved fruits for the Retail sectorThis industry will find a world full of possibilities in preserved fruit. Boom in homemade bakery and cocktailary is an invitation for offering consumers a wide range of canned and glacé fruits for retail featuring. We supply retailers with cherries with or without stem, as well as natural coloured fruit products, more suitable to consumers new requirements. Our preserved fruit may be packaged in cans, glass jars and plastic containers with the retailer’s own Brand.Our different kinds of candied cherries, Maraschino cherries and Amarena cherries are highly demanded, whereas candied fruit in different presentations provide retailers with innovative possibilities for making cakes,
Can’t you find any product?, Contact us and we will help you. cocktails or ice-creams. Once again, Lazaya provide retailers with the best quality in preserved fruit.

Most Common Candied Fruits for Retail

Significant presence of candied fruits in retailers and department stores allows consumers to count on availability of the best glaced fruit for their own recipes. Our products offer the best quality and a careful and clean appearance, perfect for handling. Glace cherry, Amarena cherries and Maraschino cherries, as well as candied fruits in different presentations, are the most outstanding applications. They are delicious products that allows you to add culinary and aesthetic value to every type of elaborations such as sponged cakes, muffins, cakes, cocktails, cupcakes… Bakery and ‘haute cuisine’ lovers will find a world of possibilities in our varieties of candied fruits for retailers.

Family of Fruits in Syrup

Family of Candied Vegetables

Professionals are always looking for a distinguishing touch and originality in their creations, hence the use of candied vegetables is becoming increasingly common in the most demanding and innovative kitchens. The versatility, the different flavours and textures, and the fact that the product is ready to be used without any preparation, are the qualities that chefs and bakers value most when choosing the best candied vegetables for their recipes.