Fruits in Syrup

Family of fruits in syrup

Fruits in syrup are an essential ingredient in patisserie and traditional catering services, as well as in the most modern proposals in confectionery. Its wealth of flavours, lightly sweetened and its colour explotion   provides a lot of possibilities for decorating in bakery and patisserie, fruit salads or as a garnish for different types of plates, even in yogurts.

One of the flagships products is cherry in syrup. Thanks to it, many recipes, from the most sophisticated to the most traditional ones, perform beautifully in terms of presentation and sweet nuances. Cherries are one of the different fruits we grow in our Aragonian fields, directly cropping it from trees to be carefully proccessed in order to get the final product.


Family of Fruits in Syrup

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Fruits in syrup also features, within preserved fruit, as a valuable aid to enhance gloss in pattisserie and catering. Our specialties have become essential ingredients for customers in the bakery and confectionery areas, and also for caterings, hotels and restaurants. We offer a wide range of fruits for all kind of culinary creations -cherries, apples, strawberries, kiwis, blackberries and oranges – that are proccessed in our facilities. Special requirements from our customers are welcome, as well as new trends in products as our special elaborations for yogurts or sugar-free products for diabetics, based in sweeteners or water.

The high quality and the wide range of products we have help us to enhance the most delicious and trending products you can imagine.

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