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Candied fruits produced by Lazaya CompanyCandied fruits are a classical ingredient in patisserie and chocolate confectionery. Their taste and colour make them an essential element for classic recipes and modern uses in cocktails or cutting-edge desserts. One of the key features is, no doubt, its versatility. We can find delicious candied fruits filling cakes and sponge cakes, as well as decorating them or in traditional regional recipes (e.g. Roscón de Reyes in Spain, Gâteau des Rois in France, Bolo do Reis in Portugal or Panetonne in Italy), with a chocolate coating or as an ingredient in the preparation of ice creams. In all of them, glace fruit highlights due to its brightness and texture, offering many possibilities for decorating food and a huge range of tastes.

Family of Candied Fruits

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Our candied fruits specialties satisfy customers in all areas: patisserie, confectionery, ice cream making, horeca and retail. Glace cherries are, undoubtedly, the stars. Grown in our own fields, they reach customers with the best quality and flavour levels.  We also offer other preserved fruit specialties that are shipped directly to customers from the country fields: peaches, pears and figs. Furthermore, we make available to customers delicious fruits as apple, orange and lemon peels, plum, apricot, melon… All of them with the highest quality. Our commitment to new trends, as sugar-free glace fruit or the use of natural food colorings, sets our products at the forefront of the market.

On request, our fruits may take a coating of dextrose in order to reduce humidity and improve product handling, guaranteing best conditions for specialties that require it.

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