Candied baby, diced and strips Carrots

Zanahoria confitada
  • Conservation: Room Temperature
  • Season: All year round
  • Availability: In stock
  • Allergens: NO
  • Certificates:Certificado IFSCertificado HalalCertificado Kosher
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  • ○ Whole, halves and whole & broken
  • ○ With Sugar/ Sugar-free
  • ○ Different brix
  • ○ With/without dextrose

Our different types of candied carrots are intended to facilitate the work of bakers, as well as restaurant, hotel and catering chefs. We have baby carrots, diced carrots and carrot stripes in different types of packaging to suit all needs: plastic containers, tins, jars or cardboard boxes with a plastic bag.

Examples of Applications of Candied baby, diced and strips Carrots

Sweet-savory autumn stew with candied carrot

Enjoy the candied baby carrots in all their different varieties

Candied baby, strips and diced carrots

They have a shelf life of two to three years when stored at room temperature. Our candied carrots are a versatile product of exceptional quality, and contain no allergens, colouring or preservatives. In addition, chefs, bakers or pastry chefs can opt for the sugar-free candied carrots, suitable for people with diabetes.

Examples of using baby carrots

The candied baby carrot is widely used in the preparation of vegetable purees, as a garnish in rice dishes, in stews, meat and fish, as well as in the preparation of sweet dishes.

Examples of using candied carrot strips

The candied carrot strips offer multiple possibilities when preparing dishes thanks to their practical format. They are often used in stews, salads, omelettes or with baked vegetables.

Examples of using candied diced carrots

In the case of candied dice carrots, they are frequently used in baking, especially in the preparation of the famous Carrot Cake. They are also used to make purees, in appetisers or as a side dish with roasts or fish, pasta or rice dishes.

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Candied carrots are one of the most highly demanded products in our catalogue of candied vegetables due to the different available formats and how easy it is to include them in any recipe as a main ingredient or as a side dish. Master pastry chefs use them frequently in their creations because they don’t require any prior treatment and add an unmistakable splash of flavour and colour.

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