Candied Fruit Peel

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Our candied fruits peel are supplied in different packaging formats: cardoboard boxes with an inside plastic bag, plastic containers or tarrinas. Any sweet or salty elaboration highlights due to the colour, flavour and intensity or our excellent candied orange and lemon peel.

Examples of Applications of Candied Fruit Peel

Candied Orange Peel with chocolate
Assortment of candied fruit peel
Candied fruit peel for Pastisserie
Candied orange peel for decorations and fillings

With a sweet taste and juicy texture, our candied orange peel is already a classical ingredient in bakery, patisserie and chocolate manufacturing. The coolest trends embrace the most ingrained tradition through the use of this product in the food industry. In fact, candied fruits strips have passed from being exclusive patrimony of biscuits and Roscones de Reyes (Spain), to be part of the elaboration of other popular sweets, like nougat or chocolates. The presence of the candied orange peel provides a touch of colour that shines in any cake, cake or sponge cake. It also emphasize these sweets when bathing with chocolate, elaboration in which the crunchy and intense texture of the cocoa blends perfectly with the sweetness of the orange.

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We also supply candied lemon peel, a hint of acidity and yellow colour that make shine any preparation. Our candied fruits strips are supplied in diferente finishes and packaging in order to cover the needs of all our customers and the most demanding businesses.

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