Cherry in SO2

Cherry in SO2 with Sterm
  • Conservation: Room Temperature
  • Season: June – July
  • Availability: In stock 
  • Allergens: SO2
  • Certificates:Certificate IFSCertificate HalalCertificate Kosher

Cherry in SO2 without Sterm

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  • ○ Different sizes
  • ○ Whole, halves and whole & broken
  • ○ With/without stems
  • ○ With/without bone

Cherry in SO2 is the optimum starting point for the creation of candied cherries, offering an unbeatable base to create products full of flavour, colour and texture. Manufacturers that trust on our fruits in SO2 will find a wide variety of possibilities, being the cherry in SO2 the key product.

Cereza en SO2 Sin Elaborar

This product is the raw material for final elaborations such as glace cherries, maraschino cherry or the cherries in acetic acid. The multiple presentations of Cherry in SO2 allows to produce first line canned fruits, that later will be part of the best recipes of bakery or confectionery. The packaging of the product in PVC drums contributes to comfort in handling and shipping.

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Lazaya’s cherry in SO2 go through a whole process in our facilities, from their cultivation in our plantations until the final packaging. All our cherry in SO2 offers the best quality, having been processed in facilities with the most advanced technology. In this way, we achieve the highest standards in food safety, with reduced ratios of presence of plant remains (leaves, stems, bones) and foreign materials. Once the final product is created, it must be reprocessed to be finally fit for consumption. The most demanding manufacturers will find in our cherry in SO2 the best raw material for elaborations of the highest quality.

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