Sugar-free Products

Frutas en conserva sin azúcarNowadays, sugar-free preserved fruit is a trending product in the food industry. Increasing consumer worries on health and nutrition have involved a fast and huge change in our daily habits in the last years. The preserved fruit industry is not unfamiliar to this trend, so that it has adapted in a fast and efficient way to changes in the last few decades.
Regarding to this, in Lazaya we make it available a wide range of sugar-free products in our different product families: candied fruits, fruit in syrup, fruit jam… Although it may seem amazing that such a sweet and delicious product may be offered in a sugar-free version, the fact is that new food technologies allow us to create delicious sugar-free preserved fruit, suitable to every palate.
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Sugar-free Preserved Fruits

The versatility of these products allows you to use them in every type of elaboration. The lack of sugar does not compromise its colour, texture and juiciness: all these properties remain intact, and taste goes on being as sweet as exquisite. Perfect for cakes and all types of sweet preparations, our sugar-free products come in a broad range of presentations that may meet the highest needs. Those who do not want quality being compromised and concerned on healthy eating may find the best option for their products in our sugar-free preserved fruit.

Experts in Preserved Fruits

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