Innovación en Frutas en Conserva LazayaConservas Lazaya, Frutas y Dulces works closely with its customers and suppliers to offer new products that provide greater satisfaction to the end consumer.

To achieve this we allocate the necessary resources, either internally or through collaborations with other companies in different innovation clusters or technology centers.

Our new product developments are of different kinds:

  • We change the size of the fruit we supply to adapt it to our customers‚Äô requirements: cubes, regular portions, strips.
  • We introduce changes in ingredients removing preservatives, or using natural food colorings or even replacing sugar with sweeteners.
  • We make changes to the packaging, either for commercial reasons or for food safety needs: we adapt the format to the needs of the final consumer and replace tin and glass containers with pasteurizable plastic containers.

Experts in Preserved Fruits

If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We develop custom products.

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We have an R & D department made up of personnel from the departments of Quality, Food Safety and Production. It takes into account the new needs of a particular customer, or the market in general, in order to present a new product after carrying out the relevant tests on reliability, useful life, etc.

If modification of the process were necessary, the R+D department also collaborate with the engineering department.

In addition, our company counts on the support of the Spanish CNTA (National Centre for Food Technology and Safety) regarding new technologies to food industry.