Fruit in SO2

Family of preserved fruits in SO produced by Lazaya

Fruit in SO2 is the best ingredient to make any type of delicious candied fruits products. In our facilities we process our fruits, many of them grown in our own plantations (cherries, figs, pears and peaches), according to the highest quality standards. That process preserves natural juiceness, shape and texture of every fruit in order to allow us different elaborations of the most delicious and coloured candied fruits. Our fruit in SO2 is an excellent starting point for all those manufacturers willing to create personalized products with the best varieties.

Family of Fruit in SO2

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Cherry in SO2 in multiple versions features as the flagship product in our wide range of preserved fruits. Cherries with or without stem, pitted or unpitted, whole or in halves are available for our customers. These presentarions allow you to use our delicious cherries for all kind of elaboratios, as candied cherries or cocktail cherries.

Apart from cherry, we also have many other types of fruit in SO2, all of them of the best quality: apricot, plum, apple, pear, orange or lemon peles, melon and pumpkin, among others. These fruits are suitable in different presentations: whole or cut in different formats (halves, quarters, eighths, portions, strips and cubes…) so that they can commit the needs of candied fruits manufacturers willing to use the best fruit in SO2 for their products.

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