Catalogue of Preserved Fruit

Lazaya makes you available preserved fruit that enjoys the best quality of the market. Its deep flavours remind our sunny Aragonian plantations in Spain. The proccessing of this precious raw material is  up to the excellence of the fruit: it is fulfilled in our modern facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology and strongly commited with food safety. According to this optimum conditions and proccessing, we can meet our customers’ highest expectations in food industry, bakeries, patisseries, chocolate manufacturing, as well as restaurants, hotels and catering services with different options in packaging, but also with different versions of preserved fruit such as candied fruits, fruit in syrup, fruit jam and jelly fruits, fruits in alcohol for the most exquisite elaborations, as well as fruit in SO2 for the food industry. Undoubtedly, you will find the preserved fruit you are seeking in Lazaya’s wide range of products.

Family of Preserved Fruit

We are proud to continue the family tradition and at the same time be able to offer numerous versions of products such as candied fruit, fruit in syrup, fruit jam and jelly fruits, fruit in alcohol for the most exquisite elaborations, as well as fruit in SO2 for the food industry.

Undoubtedly, in our extensive catalog you can find the kind of preserved fruit that best suits your needs, and always live up to the highest demands.

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Candied Fruit

Candied fruits are a classical ingredient in pastries and chocolate manufacturing.  They are essential to enrich classic recipes or enhance cocktails and modern desserts. Their versatility make candied fruits available for coatings and fruit fillings of the best traditional regional recipes of every country, or as the perfect element for yogurts and ice-creams.

Glace fruit specialties fulfil  the highest requirements of customers in all areas: patisserie, confectionery, horeca and retail. Candied cherries, grown in our plantations and carefully processed in our facilities, are the main product of this range. We also offer other candied fruits such as peaches, pears and figs, apple, orange and lemon peels, apricot, plum…

.Read more

Fruit in Syrup

Fruits in syrup provide many possibilities for decorating in bakery and patisserie industry, but also as an essential ingredient in fruit salads or as a delicious garnish for different types or recipes. The flagship product is Lazaya’s cherry in syrup, directly cropped in our Aragonian fields and carefully processed in our modern facilities. Special requirements of our customers are welcome, so that we can offer taylor made presentations and sugar-free fruits in syrup.Read More

Candied Vegetable

Our range of candied vegetables are intended to be used in HORECA establishments, bakeries, ice cream shops, chocolate shops and cocktail bars, along with other retail establishments. Professionals who choose our products will be able to benefit from their ease of use, thanks to the different types of packaging we offer: plastic containers, cardboard boxes, bottles or tins. In addition, our candied vegetables are a product free of allergens, dyes and preservatives, also available without sugar, suitable for people with diabetes. The conservation of these products ranges from two to three years at room temperature.Read More

Fruit Jam and Jelly Fruits

Lazaya’s fruit jams are one of the most precious presentations of our preserved fruit, thanks to their delicious flavour. Made with top quality fruits, our fruit jams and jellies allows you to prepare delicious toppings for pastries and cakes, but also make an exquisite fruit filling for many preparations. We have a strong commitment with the satisfaction of our customers’ needs. For that reason we offer fruit jams and similars especially prepared for injection, oven resistant… We also make special flavours on demand, custom-made recipes targeted to the industry and sugar-free products. We fulfil all requirements, and therefore we offer different types of packaging, such as cans, plastic containers or glass jars.Read More

Fruit in Alcohol

Fruit in alcohol is one of Lazaya’s specialties. The maceration in alcohol highlights the delicacy and texture of our preserved fruit. We take special care of the cherry in alcohol, widely used in chocolate manufacturing, that features this range of fruit in alcohol products: directly selected from our fields, we process it in our factory with all the care this fruit requires, but also thoroughly for its better conservation. We offer taylor made fruit in alcohol, whole or in halves, pitted or unpitted, to satisfy the most demanding tastes.Read More

Fruit in SO2

The fruit in SO2 is the best raw material to elaborate exquisite candied fruits products. The cherry, fig, pear and peach, from our own plantations in Aragon, thus become a delicious starting point for manufacturers who want to create personalized products. Once again, the cherry in SO2 is our star product, with presentations of cherries with and without stem, pitted or unpitted, whole or in halves. Lazaya has the fruit in SO2 that best adapts to the needs of food manufacturers.Read More

Sugar-free Preserved Fruit

Sugar-free preserved fruit is a modern trend that is widely considered as a healthy alternative for those who take care of themselves. To that effect Lazaya has adapted its preserved fruit to fulfil these new requirements. We have a wide range of sugar-free products such as sugar-free candied fruits, fruits in syrup, fruit jams and similars with very similar flavours to traditional ones. Our sugar-free preserved fruit is suitable for cakes, pastries, breakfasts and any kind of sweet elaborations that require less calories.Read More

Experts in Preserved Fruits

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