Candied Vegetables

Only the freshest products for making the candied vegetablesOur range of candied vegetables are intended to be used in HORECA establishments, bakeries, ice cream shops, chocolate shops and cocktail bars, along with other retail establishments. Professionals who choose our products will be able to benefit from their ease of use, thanks to the different types of packaging we offer: plastic containers, cardboard boxes, bottles or tins. In addition, our candied vegetables are a product free of allergens, dyes and preservatives, also available without sugar, suitable for people with diabetes. The conservation of these products ranges from two to three years at room temperature.

Family of Candied Vegetables

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In our catalogue, we have a wide variety of candied vegetables such as carrot, perhaps the most frequently used, as well as others that are commonly used in cooking such as olives, onions, ginger or aubergine. All are incredibly important in the preparation of dishes and sauces, as a side dish with meat or fish, or to be served with pasta dishes, rice, hamburgers or pizzas. In addition, professionals use many of them in the preparation of pastry products such as biscuits, cakes, ice cream, sorbets, cocktails and chocolates.

Professionals are always looking for a distinguishing touch and originality in their creations, hence the use of candied vegetables is becoming increasingly common in the most demanding and innovative kitchens. The versatility, the different flavours and textures, and the fact that the product is ready to be used without any preparation, are the qualities that chefs and bakers value most when choosing the best candied vegetables for their recipes.

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