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Cherries in syrup for desserts, which ones can we prepare?

variety of cherries in syrup for dessertsCherries in syrup for desserts are increasingly used by professionals in their creations. We are now in full cherry season, but once summer is over, seasonal cherries will give way to cherries in syrup in all kitchens and pastry shops, just like other fruits that we can enjoy out of season thanks to syrup.
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Best preserved fruit supplier

What to look for in a wholesale candied fruit supplier?

Best wholesale candied fruit supplierProfessionals need to buy candied fruit in bulk, as it is usually one of the most used ingredients in their dishes and desserts. When choosing your supplier of candied fruit, there are many factors that must be taken into account, such as quality, variety of formats, packaging and the ability to customize your orders.
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Learn to distinguish good cherries in syrup

Learn to distinguish the good cherries in syrup

Distinguish the good cherries in syrupWhen buying cherries in syrup it is important to distinguish some very specific characteristics to choose the highest quality. Professionals know this and that is why they opt for a trusted brand that offers all the guarantees to prepare their best dishes and desserts.
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