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What to look for when choosing a preserved fruit supplier

Frutas en conserva de calidadAll professionals agree that customer care depends upon offering clients top quality products with maximum guarantees and in order to do this, they reply on reputable suppliers within their market who can provide them with a wide range of products that meet their needs. When it comes to professionals working in the field of Horeca, this fact becomes an obligation, given that there is a high level of competition and it is only with these details in excellence that their establishment stands out from the rest.
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How do the best confectioners use candied fruit?

Confectionary productsBoth professionals and clients believe that bakeries and cake shops are practically synonymous because the products easily cross over. However, confectionary differs remarkably. In fact, some establishments purposefully refer to themselves as confectioners so as to differentiate themselves from a cake shop that may also sell confectionary. In practice, though, both shops sell similar products to the general public.
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Candied ginger in dishes and desserts

Uses of candied ginger

Ginger is a rhizome that stands out for its fresh and intense flavours, its unique aroma and the spicy touch that it adds when used as an ingredient. Ginger has always been used as a topping or as a key ingredient of many dishes, drinks and desserts.
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