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Aromas and natural extracts – these are the new trends in the food industry

These are our preserved fruits that are free from artificial colours and preservativesBeing careful about what we eat is the first step towards looking after our health, and everyone wants to eat healthily. Over the past few years, new eating trends have developed such as eating sugar free, following a gluten free diet, consuming nutritious food and preserved fruit that is free from artificial colours and preservatives. Are you ready for this new trend? Find out more here!
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Add value to your products with preserved fruit for industrial bakery

Preserved fruit for industrial bakeries allows you to create added value products.Do you need innovation? Preserved fruit for industrial bakery, custom-made for your needs and your clients’, can be one of the formulas that help you raise your sales of industrial bakery, a sector that needs to adapt to a lower increase of the populations and to a tendency of the consumer choosing healthier snacks.
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Win millennial generation’s heart with candied fruits in your desserts, ice creams and snacks

Original and artisan recipes with candied fruits attracts new young public segments.Candied fruits elaborations can be the perfect option to win Millennial generation over, always eager to have new gastronomic experiences to share in their social media. Ice creams, desserts and snacks, in general, are currently seducing them through sight, and especially, through their smartphone screens. Attractive, garish, colourful, appealing… For all this, if you adapt part of the elaborations in your menu, confectionery catalogue or dessert menu to the taste of the new generation that shares everything, you will have a very powerful business case.
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