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Bread making and cake baking trends

Candied fruit in baked goods and cakesThe outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 has affected many consumer trends, especially those in the food and drinks sector. This post looks at two studies which have been carried out recently that focus on commercial bakeries, in order to find out how the health crisis has impacted upon producers in this sector and how they have adapted to new trends set by consumers.
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The best international cakes and desserts with candied fruit

Glace cherries in cakesThe superiority of cake desserts is unquestioned. Cakes make such popular desserts because of their wide range of ingredients, flavours, textures and shapes. Master bakers are always creating new cakes that delight one and all. They also often reinvent traditional desserts by giving them a unique and distinctive flair.
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Food trends for 2021

Proposals from the food and drinks sector
The food and drinks sector, as with many other sectors, faces a number of challenges in 2021. Having no choice but to adapt to the new rules and restrictions brought on by the pandemic, this sector is moving steadily forward.
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Recipes using quality candied vegetables

dishes that use high quality candied vegetablesCandied vegetables are a new raw material used by chefs and pastry bakers when making their creations. Lazaya recently launched a line of candied vegetables in a bold step towards innovation without losing sight of their main distinctions: quality and versatility. The main aim is to ease the workload of professionals and at the same time surprise clients with new recipes that include candied vegetables and are full of different textures and flavours.
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Aromas and natural extracts – these are the new trends in the food industry

These are our preserved fruits that are free from artificial colours and preservativesBeing careful about what we eat is the first step towards looking after our health, and everyone wants to eat healthily. Over the past few years, new eating trends have developed such as eating sugar free, following a gluten free diet, consuming nutritious food and preserved fruit that is free from artificial colours and preservatives. Are you ready for this new trend? Find out more here!
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