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Savory dishes with cherries in syrup

Savory dishes with cherries in syrupNormally, when we think of any fruit in syrup, we always associate it with biscuits, cakes, pancakes or any other type of dessert, but most kitchen professionals also use it for other dishes that have nothing to do with confectionery products.
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Discover Lazaya’s candied fruits catalogue

Candied fruitsMost chefs and pastry professionals use candied fruit as an ingredient in many of their dishes and always choose a trusted brand that has a candied fruits catalog wide and flexible. Horeca establishments want to surprise their customers with innovative creations and professionals try new combinations of colors, aromas, flavors and textures to leave their diners speechless.
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Flavors that work with cherries in syrup

Cherries in syrupChefs continually use cherries in syrup in their preparations due to their great versatility, their color, their texture and because they allow a mixture of flavors that work at different levels, not only in desserts and sweet creations, but also in savory dishes.
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