Glace Cherries

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Glace cherries can be presented drained in cardboard containers with interior plastic bags, plastic tubs and pails or canned in heavy syrup or in glass jars increasing the possibilities of our glace cherries, as far as preparation of the best quality products is concerned.

Examples of Applications of Glace Cherries

Glace cherries for desserts
Glace cherries for decorating cakes
Glace cherries with sterms for decorating cakes and desserts
Glace cherries for chocolates

Glace cherries always provide a charming and tasty touch to any bakery, pastries or ice-cream recipes. These delicate fruits are presented in different versions, adapted to the needs of our customers to facilitate their processing. The glace cherries we make are grown directly on our plantations, allowing us to control the whole process, from the field to the table. It is a delicious variety of candied fruit of the highest quality, perfect for the decoration of cakes, pastries and sponge cakes. It also stands out in cake fillings, and also as an essential ingredient to enhance the color, texture and flavor of the best ice-creams.

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Our glace cherries offer many possibilities in more specialized fields such as the preparation of nougat, and even to decorate and enhance homemade desserts. We have varieties of this special glace fruit that have carved a niche in the new market trends. We offer to our customers different finishes of glace cherries as part of our wide range of preserved fruit products.

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