Preserved Fruit for Patisseries

Use of preserved fruits for cakes and desserts in a pastry shopPreserved fruit is one of our flagship product for patisseries. Its quality and our own ability to adapt our production makes a wide variety of product available for our customers. Without requiring more than one supplier, they can count on all kinds of candied fruits for bakeries, as well as fruits in syrup, fruit jam, jelly fruits, mirrors and fruit filling. Aside from preserved fruit for patisseries, we also offer the possibility of developing products tailor made for our customer’s needs: natural colourings, preservative-free and special containers to meet customer´s requirements.
Our production for bakeries is perfect for the development of R+D programmes thanks to its high quality and versatility. Candied cherries and cherry in syrup features amongst all our preparations. Can’t you find any product?, Contact us and we will help you.As fruit filling or decoration for different specialities, Lazaya always guarantee quality, variety and versatility in its range of preserved fruit for pattiseries.

Most Common Candied Fruits for Patisseries

Candied fruits open a wide range of possibilities to bakers in the elaboration of their products. We offer our customers a wide range of candied fruits, suitable for all types of elaborations, as decoration and fruit filling for cake or chocolate coating. We have developed singular specialties as Maraschino cherry or candied fruit pastries (orange, lemon, fig…), perfect for adding to the dough before cooking as it provides an extraordinary taste. Our candied fruits keep all their properties (taste, texture, brightness and juiceness) as they are added to the recipe. A great world of possibilities in candied fruits for manufacturers.

Family of Fruits in Syrup

Fruits in syrup are traditional ingredients in the specialties of patisseries both for small artisan business or for industrial workplaces. Cherry in syrup for patisseries are one of our most interesting products due to its taste, colour and gloss. We can find preserved fruit for patisseries (cherry, apple, orange, blackberry, kiwi…) in delicious preparations: cake decoration, fruit filling… Both traditional and cutting-edge recipes benefit from the presence of our fruit in syrup for patisseries.

Family of Candied Vegetables

Professionals are always looking for a distinguishing touch and originality in their creations, hence the use of candied vegetables is becoming increasingly common in the most demanding and innovative kitchens. The versatility, the different flavours and textures, and the fact that the product is ready to be used without any preparation, are the qualities that chefs and bakers value most when choosing the best candied vegetables for their recipes.

Family of Fruit Jam and Jelly Fruits

Flavour, freshness and juiceness… These are the main characteristics that fruit jam provides to all types of elaborations, from sponged cakes to muffins or even cakes and pastries. Jelly fruit is another amazing option to decorate and enhance these preparations, as it provideas a very special brightness and also a touch of flavour and sweetness. Both as fruit filling and as coating, fruit jam represents an essential ingredient to create a selected and varied supply.  A soft, delicious and very special product: such is our fruit jam for pastries.

We also have Sugar-free Preserved Fruits!

Sugar-free products allows you to prepare excellent healthy and trending elaborations. Products made of candied fruits features as one of the most interesting purposes, and so do the ones made of fruits in syrup and fruit jam: delicious sugar-free specialties, perfect to meet new market requirements. Preserved fruit is a niche to be explored in the sugar-free products market; a sweet pleasure to be enjoyed unrestrictedly as a part of healthy diet.
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