Other Fruit in SO2

Whole preserved fruits in SO2
  • Conservation: Room Temperature
  • Season: Production according to campaign of each fruit
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  • Allergens: SO2
  • Certificates:Certificate IFSCertificate HalalCertificate Kosher

Halves of preserved fruits in SO2 Preserved fruit cubes in SO2

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  • ○ Different sizes and cuts
  • ○ Assortment: apricot, plum, peach, pear, apple, tangerine, melon, fig, orange, orange peel, lemon peel, squash

Nowadays, the wide range of candied fruits found in the market starts from a basic preparation: fruit in SO2. There are different varieties of quality fruit, duly processed to offer the best conditions of color, texture and flavour that allow to elaborate excellent preserved fruit products.

Other fruits in SO2

All our range of fruit in SO2 offers the best quality, having been processed in facilities with the most advanced technology. It is always packaged in PVC drums, which preserve perfectly the qualities of the product. In this way, we achieve high standards in food safety, with reduced ratios of presence of plant remains (leaves, stems, pits) and other undesired materials.

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Some of the varieties of preserved fruit we offer are cultivated in our plantations. For that reason, we control the process of elaboration from the first step. Thus, we can have the best fruit in SO2 for manufacturers who want to have the best raw material to create quality glace fruit.

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