Preserved Fruit for HORECA

Use of preserved fruits for the HORECA channel of Hotels, Restaurants and CateringOur preserved fruit is an excellent starting point to prepare different elaborations for hotels, restaurants and catering services. Lazaya provides retailers with different types of preserved fruit, cherry in syrup and other fruits in syrup, all of them offered to hotels, restaurants and catering services that look for excellence. Our candied cherries are a very demanded product due to its deep and delicate flavour. They are perfect for decorating and sweetening cocktails, pastries, garnishments and other preparations, from the most traditional to the most cutting-edge ones. Our customers have the option to buy preserved fruit for hotels, restaurants and catering services in tailor made presentations, fully adapted to their needs. Some of them are provided in plastic container to ease transport and handling. This kind of packaging reduces volumen of waste and increases food safety as it prevents it from crashing with the consequent risk of undesired pollution. We provide our customers with fruits in syrup, fruit jams,Can’t you find any product?, Contact us and we will help you. Maraschino cherry and Amarena, always with the best warranty of quality in preserved fruit for hotels, restaurants and catering services.

Most Common Preserved Fruits for HORECA

Candied fruits are the best ingredient for sweet desserts, but also a touch for salty recipes, signature dishes and cool drinks. A world full of flavour and colour in glace fruit for hotels, restaurants and catering services. Candied fruits allow hotels, restaurants and catering services to increase offer for their customers. Cherry in all its types –glace cherries, Amarena cherries, Maraschino cherries– and candied fruit cubes are, aside from candied orange and lemon, the most interesting approaches for the market. These delicious elaborations made of preserved fruit show a huge versatility, allowing you to offer best quality glace fruit recipes and cocktails.

Selection of Fruits in Syrup

Fruits in syrup used in hotels, restaurants and catering services are an interesting product for industries looking for the best quality. We supply professionals with a great variety of preserved fruit, including cherry, apple, orange, kiwi, blackberry and strawberry. Bright color fruits and juicy textures, perfect for cake decoration. Fruits in syrup are welcome in signature cocktails as they provide a colourful touch. Fruits in syrup for hotel, restaurants and catering services shine out with their own light for their attractive and flavour.

Family of Candied Vegetables

Professionals are always looking for a distinguishing touch and originality in their creations, hence the use of candied vegetables is becoming increasingly common in the most demanding and innovative kitchens. The versatility, the different flavours and textures, and the fact that the product is ready to be used without any preparation, are the qualities that chefs and bakers value most when choosing the best candied vegetables for their recipes.

Family of Fruit Jam and Jelly Fruits

Our fruit jam are first quality products, perfect to fulfill the varied culinary offer of restaurants and hotels. Our wide range of products include interesting options as all kinds of fruit jam and fruit fillings (crushed, screened or baking-proof), as well as jelly fruits. The latter are essential to provide gloss to the most exquisite sweets. For its part, fruit jam is essential in breakfast buffets. High quality and best taste are the main features of our fruit jam for hotels, restaurants and catering services.

We also have Sugar-free preserved fruits!

Sugar-free products are an essential portion of the offer restaurants and hotels provide their customers with. New trends in nutrition encourage a healthiest lifestyle and a balanced diet, and that is the reason why sugar-free products become essential. We feature our sugar-free preserved fruit, candied fruits and delicious fruit jam in different flavours. All of them offer an excellent taste, a quality texture and a careful manufacturing as we encourage ourselves to ensure hotels, restaurants and catering services can rely on our best sugar-free products

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