Cherry in Syrup

Red cherries in syrup
  • Conservation: Room Temperature
  • Season: June / July
  • Availability: On request (stock in some formats)
  • Allergens: No allergen
  • Certificates:Certificate HalalCertificate Kosher

Black cherry in syrup

  • Options/
  • ○ Different sizes
  • ○ Whole, halves and whole & broken
  • ○ With/without stems
  • ○ With Sugar/ Sugar-free
  • ○ Different brix

Cherry in syrup is a classical ingredient in bakery. Its intense colour and freshness is a traditional decoration in cakes and patisserie and a very special ingredient in colourful fruit salads. It can even be added to salty recipes for a bright colour and a touch of sweetness that make a difference in recipes such as pates.

Examples of Applications of Cherry in Syrup

Cherry in Syrup for pastisserie
Cheesecake with cherries in syrup
Cherry in Syrup for pastisserie
Muffins with cherry in syrup

In patisserie and bakeries, fruits in syrup are unique to decorate or as a fruit filling for cakes. Hotels, restaurants and catering services can incorporate cherry in syrup for breakfast and buffets, to add a touch of distinction. Our fruits in syrup are supplied with different presentations with different sizes, different Brix grades, pitted or unpitted, with or without stems, sugar-free, in water or with artificial sweeteners and with or without colourings added.

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Cherry in syrup is canned in different sizes’ cans. In the other side, new diet trends opt for healthier products such as our sugar-free preserved fruit or preserved fruit with natural colourings. These are both new possibilities to enjoy our cherry in syrup, tasting its delicious flavour.

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