fruit jam and preserved fruitFruit jam is one of the most popular ingredients used in baking, not only as an ingredient for all sorts of goods, but also as an added element to other desserts and sweets. There are many varieties of jams and jelly available to buy, with different flavours and textures to make your baking creation attractive and juicy.
tinned fruit used to make fruit jam
Although in many people’s minds, jam is linked to butter and toast, professional bakers continually use this ingredient in the making of cakes, not solely for decoration but also as a filling, with jam considered to be one of the main raw ingredients. Let us see how fruit jam can be used.

 What is the best way to use fruit jam as a cake filling?

Bakers use fruit jam as a means of adding sponginess to cakes. There are many ways of using jam in baking, however one successful way is to add jam to the butter and sugar mixture before adding the rest of the basic ingredients: flour, eggs, milk, cooking oil, etc.

Many master bakers use sunflower oil to make sponge cakes because it provides the best juiciness. Furthermore, sesame oil brings out the flavour of the jam itself because this type of oil is flavourless and does not bring its own touch to the cake as often happens with olive oil, for example.

These are the steps to make a sponge cake with jam filling:

  • Brush the cake mould with a little bit of oil and lightly flour it. Pre-heat the oven at 190ºC.
  • Beat the eggs and sugar together for five minutes until it becomes a light and airy dough. Then slowly introduce the oil and gently beat using an electric mixer.
  • Add the jam and keep mixing.
  • Add the flour and raising agent.
  • Add the milk using a soup spoon, slowly mixing until the dough becomes thicker.
  • Pour into the mould and place in the oven for 30-40 minutes.

You can also use fruit jam when making cakes without adding it to the cake mixture at the beginning, but rather as another ingredient that melts into the cake during baking, as an interesting secret, juicy and flavoursome addition to your cake.

What products use fruit jam?

Fruit jam is frequently used to decorate all sorts of desserts given the wide range of colours, tastes and textures available. This means we find fruit jam in puff pastries, cupcakes, muffins, croissants, biscuits, jam tarts, shortcake, twinkies, individual cakes and doughnuts. Experimenting with flavours and colours can be fun, not just for the baker but also for the client.

When it comes to cheesecake, jam is seen to be almost essential for a perfect combination of flavours. The most popular flavoured jams served with cheesecake are blueberry, strawberry and raspberry, although other flavours can be tested.

As for chocolate cakes, a good fruit jam filling can make the difference between a good cake and an exquisite one. We can combine strawberry, apricot, orange or cherry jams and then, afterwards, once the cake has been baked, decorate the surface with a different flavoured jam.

 Why should you use jam at your establishment?

Jam goes hand in hand with hospitality, especially when it comes to desserts, breakfast spreads and as an essential ingredient in the continental breakfasts that many hotels offer their clients.

Continental breakfasts are served on a buffet counter and offer coffee, tea, milk, cheese, cured meats, breakfast cereals, fruit, yoghurt and a wide range of cakes. It is here that a variety of flavoured fruit jams are offered to spread on cakes, brioche, croissants, toast or whatever other sweet good that is being offered by the establishment to its clients.

In order to enjoy these breakfasts, users request a good range of jams with different flavours to match the cakes and other comestibles such as cereals and cheese. That is why it is important to count on a brand capable of providing top quality jam.

Why Lazaya offers the best jams to the hospitality sector

Lazaya has a wide catalogue of high quality jams of all sorts of flavours, from kiwi, apricot, strawberry and peach to apple, raspberry, blackberry, cabello de ángel and orange. This great variety allows for multiple blends when creating new flavours or presenting a dish in an attractive manner where the only limit is your imagination.

The quality of the preserved fruits and tinned fruit in syrup made by Lazaya is the key to ensuring our jams are chosen by professional bakers to use in their cakes and tarts, as fillings and glazes that are suitable for the oven. What sets Lazaya apart from other brands is the fact that we have our own orchards and can control the production line from beginning to end.

If you would like to pose a question or ask for more details, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We would be happy to help.