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Preserved fruit features are part of our normal daily basis in Conservas Lazaya. We are a family business in Aragon devoted to preserved fruit and candied fruits for several generations. We quite understand our core business: preserved fruit features, plantations, cropping, processing… Our purpose here is to promote a better knowledge of candied fruits, fruits in syrup and other products we elaborate. In a nutshell, we are committed to promoting this land’s unique fruit culture, enlightening all those aspects that may be of interest for the uninitiated, but also for those who are wishing to deepen in the knowledge of this issue.

Our commitment to quality goes far beyond the local and international requirements. Thus, it is a style of doing things we have nursed from birth… In the process of refurbishing a traditional business, we have invested efforts to preserve those traditional methods and ancient know-how that has proven useful in growing, processing or packaging the fruit. But at the same time we have radically developed all those processes intended for improving quality and gaining the customer’s trust in our preserved fruit features for their complience with the most demanding requirements in food safety.

We look forward to spreading the preserved fruit culture of Aragonian sunny lands through this weblog, as well as transfering our expertise to those truly interestead in sharing the sweet flavours of Aragonian fruits.

How to distinguish quality candied fruits

The transparence, shine and uniform tone characterize quality candied fruitsQuality candied fruits allows you to gain advantage over the market, being a product that achieves the most demanding technical requirements of control and has the preference of the customers. It’s in your best interest that you should know about the difference between quality and non-quality candied fruit.
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The film star is a glace cherry! 7 times you saw it in series or movies

Leonardo di Caprio and Tobey Maguire have a cocktail with a glace cherry in The Great Gatsby. The use of glace cherries and candied fruits for cocktails and confectionery is a classic. Glace cherries are a timeles ingredient in pastries and cocktails, suggesting a mix of tradition and modernity pleasent for the eye and the palate.

In this article, we are going to make a review to all those times we have seen candied fruits on a screen, whether films or series, and you will be amazed by the great deal of recipes including glace cherries and Maraschino cherries that plays a star role.
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How to improve your sales with Maraschino cherry

Maraschino cherry enhances the appeal of industrial or bakery cakes.Maraschino cherry is an timeless ingredient that can help you generate more turnover: the appeal and colourfulness or Maraschino cherry enhance the attractiveness of your cocktails or sweet preparations, make instantly instagramable your products (you know it is a high added value for new Millennial generation) and improve the customers perception of your products as more valuable than those of your competitors.
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6 curiosities about candied fruits you did not even suspect

These 6 curiosities about candied fruits have surprised us, and they will also call you attention. Some of them, like the calorie count for glace cherries, may even serve you as a sales argument. Candied cherries are not as loaded with kilocalories as it may seem and even have a healthy substance that resists processing …
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