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Preserved fruit features are part of our normal daily basis in Conservas Lazaya. We are a family business in Aragon devoted to preserved fruit and candied fruits for several generations. We quite understand our core business: preserved fruit features, plantations, cropping, processing… Our purpose here is to promote a better knowledge of candied fruits, fruits in syrup and other products we elaborate. In a nutshell, we are committed to promoting this land’s unique fruit culture, enlightening all those aspects that may be of interest for the uninitiated, but also for those who are wishing to deepen in the knowledge of this issue.

Our commitment to quality goes far beyond the local and international requirements. Thus, it is a style of doing things we have nursed from birth… In the process of refurbishing a traditional business, we have invested efforts to preserve those traditional methods and ancient know-how that has proven useful in growing, processing or packaging the fruit. But at the same time we have radically developed all those processes intended for improving quality and gaining the customer’s trust in our preserved fruit features for their complience with the most demanding requirements in food safety.

We look forward to spreading the preserved fruit culture of Aragonian sunny lands through this weblog, as well as transfering our expertise to those truly interestead in sharing the sweet flavours of Aragonian fruits.

Sugar free products

Sugar free preserved fruit: same taste, less calories…

Pastries with sugar free preserved fruit and candied fruits are a sweet pleasure available for all.Sugar free preserved fruit is a growing trend that allows to combine a healthy nutrition and the intake of sweet. Achieving the same taste with less calories in candied fruits, fruit jam and fruits in syrup has been a real challenge, as they are high sugar products, e.g. 65% content in candied fruits.

Moreover, the role of sugar in preserved fruit is not just sweetening… Continue reading…

Degrees brix in preserved fruits

Degrees Brix in preserved fruit: what do they measure…?

Degrees Brix in preserved fruit, such as fruits in syrup, are always measured for food safety.Degrees Brix in preserved fruit measure its sugar content. Brix is the unit of measure that food industry usually takes for food and beverages such as wine, preserved fruit, juices and soft drinks. But it is also a scale to measure the sugar content of fruits in the market (their degree of ripeness)  or even in fresh fruit that has not yet been collected.

The aim of measuring degrees Brix in preserved fruit and fresh fruit is obviously quite different. In this article, we will focus on the role that sugar content and degrees Brix have in preserved fruit.

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