New trends in candied fruitsCandied fruit is one of the most versatile ingredients that exists, which is why most chefs and pastry chefs around the world use it in many of their preparations. Its ability to combine with other ingredients, the explosion of flavor and its visual appeal mean that every time there are new trends in candied fruit that must not be left aside to promote this product.

We are going to see in this post the new ways of using candied fruit and how professionals try new combinations with this ingredient in their creations.

The growing popularity of candied fruits and the new trends related to this ingredient augur significant growth within the HORECA industry in the coming years. These are the aspects that contribute to this growth in the consumption of candied fruits throughout the world:

  • It is an easy product to preserve and store in optimal conditions and without the need for refrigeration.
  • It helps to maintain the flavor, color, texture and aroma for a long time, an other qualities of fresh fruits.
  • The candied fruit manages to maintain the juiciness and aroma of the professional’s creation in a more innovative way.
  • It allows a much more attractive presentation of dishes and desserts and offers numerous possibilities to professionals.

According to data from the Internet portal “”, these are the current trends in candied fruits that have grown the most in combination with other products:

  • Coffee with candied fruit: 46.36%.
  • Ice cream with candied fruit: 43.96 %.
  • Cookies with candied fruit: 20.90%.
  • Tea with candied fruit: 24.03%.

Other products where is increasingly used are ginger ice cream, cupcakes, cheesecakes, banana pudding, focaccia, vanilla cake, risotto, pastry and puff pastry, sandwiches, pastry fillings, etc. In fresh fruit salads, candied fruit is also used to provide a different touch in terms of texture, flavor and a more attractive appearance.

The popularity of candied fruit among children grows

Candied fruit is gaining favor among the youngest. Sandwiches are back in fashion, especially fruit sandwiches. This trend has become very popular especially among young people, due to its ease and speed of consumption and the wide variety of ingredients that can be used.

Fruit sandwiches are dominated by natural fruits, but a piece of candied fruit is also included to sweeten the whole, such as one or two cherries, for example, or pieces of candied fruit that are also used to accompany yogurt or ice cream.

Efforts by manufacturers to develop more innovative flavors

Candied fruit producers are making a significant effort to increase their production, prioritizing obtaining certifications to offer greater quality and safety in all their products. In addition, they invest in the latest technology to improve their production processes and operational efficiency. In this way, safe and higher quality products are offered to professionals, which will later result in increased consumption and, therefore, in sales.

Due to the increase in candied fruit trends, manufacturers are experimenting with new flavors and textures to present a wider range of products aimed at professionals. In fact, candied vegetables are beginning to gain more and more acceptance among hotels, catering service and restaurants customers, due to their innovative flavor and textures and their notable contribution to savory dishes, pastry products, desserts, ice creams and so on.

On the other hand, baked goods are becoming more and more popular and, to fill them, specialists use candied vegetables and fruits a lot. They are also used in bakery products together with nuts, providing a unique taste experience for consumers.

Key trends in the candied fruit market

The candied fruit market continues to grow due to the demand of consumers who want a differential value in all kinds of dishes, not only desserts, but in any culinary preparation. In the case of bakery and pastry products, their consumption increases on festive dates, such as Christmas, since more candied fruits are demanded for decoration.

In general, a greater use of candied fruits is observed in the food industry due to the increase in demand for innovative products that contain this and other special ingredients. For example, artisan bakeries are emerging as a very promising application area for candied fruits.

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