Learn to distinguish good cherries in syrup

Distinguish the good cherries in syrupWhen buying cherries in syrup it is important to distinguish some very specific characteristics to choose the highest quality. Professionals know this and that is why they opt for a trusted brand that offers all the guarantees to prepare their best dishes and desserts.

Distinguish the good cherries in syrup

We are going to learn how to distinguish a good cherry in syrup to be sure to always succeed in decorating cakes and pastries or use it as an ingredient in sweet and savory dishes.

Cherries in syrup: one of the favorite fruits of professionals

Cherries are part of the Rosaceae family, closely related to red fruits, such as strawberries or raspberries, and also to other stone fruits such as peaches or apricots. Both natural cherries and cherries in syrup combine very well with all kinds of foods and help enhance the flavor of ingredients such as chocolate, vanilla, cream or cream cheese.

Although it is mainly used in desserts, chefs also use cherries in syrup to make tasty sauces, create compotes and jams or as an accompaniment to garnishes, ice cream or sorbets. In addition, they are delicious to eat directly, which is why they are always present in hotel and restaurant buffets.

The clafoutis or cherry tart, the Black Forest tart, cheese tart with cherries, cherry tart with chocolate, biscuits, cupcakes, tartlets, cakes, chocolates and a multitude of desserts need cherries as the main ingredient, which is why confectioners need cherries in syrup throughout the year with all quality guarantees and in all possible formats.

How should a quality cherry in syrup be?

The cherry season has already begun in Spain and between the months of May and June this delicious fruit is harvested to enjoy it in the summer months. The cherry must be harvested at its ripeness, since it is a non-climacteric fruit, that is, it does not continue to ripen once separated from the tree, as is the case, for example, with apples, pears or peaches. Therefore, once harvested, the cherry must be consumed as quickly as possible or, if it is preserved in syrup, it is necessary to carry out the operation as soon as possible.

Currently, the countries with the highest cherry production are Russia, the United States, Greece, Italy and Spain. Aragón is the Spanish region that produces the most cherries with about 42,000 tons, followed by Extremadura with 30,000 tons.is precisely in Aragón that Lazaya presserved fruits has extensive cherry plantations that it cares for and collects to obtain the best cherries and make its products, including cherries in syrup.

Before starting the syrup process, it is very important to choose the best cherries, which should have a firm, round, shiny appearance, red, pink or dark red, almost black, depending on the variety. The skin must be smooth and shiny, without spots, breaks or bruises. It is also important to avoid cherries with malformations, such as double fruits, for example.

In terms of size, and despite what most people believe, a very large cherry is not synonymous with quality or with a better flavor or aroma. Size is not an essential aspect for cherries, but it is true that the minimum size for a quality cherry must be 20 mm.

Regarding the stem, it should be checked that the point of union between the cherry and the stem is healthy, without mold or rot. The best cherries are those with green stems and perfectly united.

Why choose a quality brand of cherries in syrup?

The selection of cherries to make the syrup is very important, but it is also important to have cherries in syrup packaged and ready to use at any time when a chef needs them. The process of making fruit in syrup is long and laborious, which is why most professionals rely on a brand that provides them with the product already available, with the format and packaging that best suits their needs.

For example, a confectioner should have the option of choosing a cherry in syrup with or without stems, as cherries with stems can be more attractive for decorating a cake. In this case, you will surely also prefer them with a larger caliber. However, if you are using cherries as the main ingredient in a dessert, you will choose them stemless and smaller in size.

The same goes for bone. There will be times when the baker prefers cherries without stones and others with stones, or prefers the product in halves or pieces instead of whole. Not all brands can offer a wide catalog of the same product, which is why Lazaya preserved fruits is the preferred brand of most professionals who work with cherries in syrup.

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