Preserved fruit jelly and tinned fruitsFruit jelly is very popular today due to the colour it adds during the preparation and presentation of a wide variety of desserts. Fruit gelatine is used along with jams to provide consistency, colour and flavour to different types of cakes and factory-baked goods.
Preserved fruit jelly and tinned fruits
It is important to note that fruit jelly derives from animal skin, bones and cartilage. The most widely used gelatine comes from pigskin and contains up to 30% collagen. Therefore, as well as being used in the presentation and making of desserts, fruit jelly also provides nutritional value, as it is not full of fat or cholesterol and furthermore adds protein to the dessert.

Why is gelatine used in making desserts?

We all know how important it is to pay attention to every single detail whenever making any type of patisserie. That is why so many of these baked goods are glazed or have attractive colours and this marked improvement in quality – noticeable on both a visual and flavour level – is the consequence of choosing to include fruit jelly as well as fruit spreads and jams to create desserts that customers simply cannot resist.

The unique quality ascribed to gelatine’s texture is what makes it stand out among the ingredients used in making and decorating cakes because it reinforces the taste and increases sensations felt when enjoying pastries or cakes with fruit jelly fillings.

What types of fruit-flavoured jelly are available?

There is a wide range of fruit spreads and fruit-flavoured jelly on the market, meaning that the decision about which type to use depends solely on the desired flavour for the dish. For example, apple, lemon, strawberry, apricot or vanilla flavoured jelly is often used as a filling for cakes. Neutral gelatine is used to glaze tarts and baked goods.

It is of course vital to select premium quality fruits so that the product meets with clients’ expectations. In order to do so, we recommend opting for fruit-flavoured jelly that has been made with tinned fruit or homemade preserved fruits, as in those offered by Lazaya.

Main uses of fruit jelly

Bakeries, restaurants and catering companies frequently use fruit jelly either to decorate or to fill pastries and cakes, or to put a shine on rolls, sweet slices, croissants, fruit buns or whatever other factory-baked good. They are also used to make mousse, ice-cream, bonbons or pastry cream. The sky is the limit!

If the objective is to decorate desserts then using colourful jelly is a good idea but if all you want is to add it as an extra ingredient then neutral gelatine can be used. Most products use preserved fruit jelly and many can be enjoyed during hotel breakfasts, whilst eating at a restaurant or when dining from caterers.

Pastry chefs use fruit jelly either before putting the cakes and pastries in the oven or after baking. In the former they often use jelly with bits of fruit and in the latter they normally opt for smooth jelly which is thinner and easier to decorate with. Fruit jelly is also piped into muffins, cupcakes or cakes to add a touch of flavour and colour to the final product.

Why choose Lazaya?

The main reason why you should choose Lazaya fruit-flavoured jelly is because their products are made with their own harvested fruit and they keep control over all processes themselves, without relying on intermediaries. The fruit that is used in their jams, spreads and jellies all come from their own crops, which is an added bonus which differentiates them from their competitors.

Lazaya’s technicians check each stage of cultivation and choose the best fruit species to be processed. This phase also takes place under the careful supervision of Lazaya’s professional employees, as does the packaging which is done according to the composition of each product and the market it is destined for, be it for bakeries, cake shops, factories, etc. The only criteria which is applied throughout is that every product meets food quality and safety regulations.

The wide range of gels and fruit jelly that are offered by Lazaya include sugar-free and colorant-free products, which are popular in most establishments that wish to offer quality and choice to their customers.

These are great reasons to choose Lazaya, however the best thing to do is to try fruit jelly in your cakes, pastries or other baked goods for yourself. We are sure you will be hooked from the first bite. If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us. What are you waiting for!