Candied fruit adds value to cocktailsCocktails are truly five-star drinks, mixing exquisite flavours to provide a unique taste to each blend. However, just as important as the taste sensation is the presentation of each cocktail, bearing in mind that the end result is a precise union of different beverages with specific decoration. But do you really know how to maximise your cocktail menu with attractive presentation? Read on to discover some tricks and glean some advice on this key point.
Add value to cocktails by decorating with fruit

The great appeal of a cocktail with stunning decoration

Decorating cocktails is a principal element when it comes to preparing the drink, although often its sole purpose is purely aesthetic, making the drink more attractive and perhaps encouraging its consumption. However, some decorative features add flavours and aromas to the cocktail, such as frosted rims, mint or peppermint leaves, and slices or pieces of fruit.

It is important to bear in mind that, in order to obtain the perfect combination, it is vital that you choose drinks that complement each other. This same principle applies to decorating cocktails. It is important to concentrate on what type of cocktail you are making and which ingredients could be used as ornamental decoration.

Discover how to decorate cocktails with fruit

These are our suggestions on how to decorate cocktails using fresh fruit to add character and individual style to each drink:

  • Lemon: Lemons can be used in many different ways to decorate a cocktail. The easiest way to use this citric fruit is to slice a lemon from the centre outwards so as to be able to make wedges that can be placed on the rim of a glass or flute. Sometimes an even smaller slice than a wedge will suffice. Another way to use lemons which is visually very appealing is to take the rind and twirl it, make it into a flower or star shape, with the possibility of adding a red maraschino cherry to the centre to provide an appealing colour contrast to the cocktail. Lemons mix well with rum, gin, vodka, dry martini…
  • Orange: Oranges are used in a similar way to lemons. They are often used in smoother and sweeter mixes. The rind can be used to make spirals or a starburst which includes a candied cherry and mint leaves for full effect.
  • Pineapple: For fruity tropical cocktails such as the Piña Colada, Miami Vice or Mai Tai, slices of peeled fresh pineapple are placed around the rim of the glass; smaller chunks of pineapple can be shaped into petals, or cubes of pineapple can be included within the cocktail itself. Sometimes a carved-out pineapple is used to serve the drink, making it the perfect vessel for enjoying a rich and tasty cocktail. In order to do this, the pineapple top must be removed and the pulp within removed so that the drink can be prepared therein.
  • Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries: these small pieces of soft fruit are often added to cocktails to deliver colour and flavour to the drink. One excellent trick which also adds a special touch to mixed drinks is to make ice cubes which include a soft fruit within, such as a small blackberry, strawberry, raspberry or blueberry. This is easily done by adding a piece of soft fruit to each section of the ice cube tray, covering them with water and then placing them in the freezer.

Candied fruits – the best ally a cocktail could wish for!

Increase the appeal by decorating cocktails with fruitOne of the most characteristic elements of cocktails is their use of candied fruit. When imagining a cocktail it is difficult not to associate it with famed glacé cherries, but also with other types of cocktail cherries that can be used to champion drink decoration.

  • Amarena cherries: the dark colour of these cherries pairs well with clear transparent cocktails. They are perfect for providing a visual contrast as well as adding a slightly acidic tang. They can be used in drinks, frozen into ice cubes or wedged on the rim of a glass by  making a slight cut so as to fit.
  • Maraschino cherries: these form a basic ingredient for cocktails, a traditional fixture that never goes out of fashion. Maraschino cherries conserve their stalk and are a regular ingredient for cocktails. They can be added as a solitary feature or in a display with other fruit or fruit rind.
  • Blackberries and strawberries in syrup. Another trend is to include canned fruit in cocktails, with the added advantage that they are available all year around and can be mixed with almost any drink or meal as their properties do not alter. It is the easiest way to ensure that fruit is always available for your mixed drinks.
  • Candied fruit peel.  Lemon and orange fruit peel are perfect combinations for making cocktails. They provide intensity and flavour to creations.
  • Orange slices in syrup. If you decide to substitute fresh orange with orange slices in syrup then you can ensure that the fruit is available all year long and can add a sweeter and more colourful touch to your cocktail, often making orange slices in syrup the preferred option.
  • Candied fruit cubes. These are multi-coloured small cubes of candied fruit. They are ideal for alcohol-free cocktails, and for all combined drinks that are transparent. They provide a different and attractive touch to your creations.

Maraschino cherries, an essential element to many cocktails

Undoubtedly the most characteristic and essential element to all cocktails continues to be the maraschino cherry. Furthermore, here at Lazaya we meet the needs of our clients by adapting to new tendencies and customer demands, such as providing blue, green, yellow and red maraschino cherries. We use natural colorants to obtain this diversity of colours and ensure that they can be combined with various types of cocktails. We also offer sugar-free candied cherries that can be added to your healthy concoctions.