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Food quality and safety are our main commitments: that is the characteristic that best defines us as a  manufacturer of candied fruits and other varieties of preserved fruit. Conservas Lazaya has achieved the most renowned certifications of the food industry in order to ensure the excelence of its products. We pursue the best quality in all our preserved fruit and candied fruits, and in any preserved fruit product that industrial bakeries, hotels, restaurants or caterings may need.


We aim to boost our clients’ confidence in our products, emphasising the high quality standards that differentiate ourselves from competence regarding to the processing Lazaya’s preserved fruit. we are We are fully committed to food safety, quality and hygiene, and we want our customers to appreciate our effort. Our future posts about food hygiene and safety in this weblog  will deepen in these aspects, so that you can absolutely trust  Lazaya’s preserve fruit and candied fruits.


How to preserve maraschino cherries optimally

Preserve maraschino cherriesMaraschino cherries are a type of candied fruit that is made with cherries and maraschino liqueur, which is obtained from the distillation of marasca cherries. This variety of sour and aromatic cherries provides a very different flavor and is commonly used in baking, cocktails and gastronomy in general due to its attractive color and texture.
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What are benefits of eating cherries?

Benefits of eating cherriesThe cherry has always been a delicious and very nutritious fruit and now that the cherry season is approaching, we can taste them freshly picked. However, in addition to the benefits of eating cherries, cherry lovers know that they can be tasted throughout the year in different formats to enjoy all their properties.
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Preservation of cherries in syrup in Horeca establishments

Preservation of cherries in syrupThe cherry season is approaching and the professionals who use this ingredient in their creations know that in the coming months they will be able to offer delicious natural cherries to their customers. However, thanks to the preservation of cherries in syrup, you can enjoy this magnificent fruit throughout the year.
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