how it is transported to maintain quality in candied fruitWhen a company decides to export its products abroad, many customers wonder how it is transported to maintain quality.This may be the main challenge that the company faces in guaranteeing that its merchandise, especially in the case of food products, arrive in perfect condition at the desired destination.

how it is transported to maintain quality in candied fruit

Candied fruit has certain properties that must be preserved intact if you want to transport it to another city or country, whether it is just around the corner or thousands of kilometers away. The important thing is that the fruit arrives in perfect condition and ready for professionals to use it in their creations at any time.

Candied fruit: how it is transported to maintain quality

Sometimes you may have bought fresh fruit and the lemon is softer than normal or the tomato has a different flavor than usual. Although it may be that the fruit does not have sufficient quality in the first place, most of the time it is due to a transport of perishable products that has not met the minimum requirements for it to reach its destination with its properties intact.

That is why it is so important to choose a good transport chain that guarantees and maintains the quality of the product regardless of the country where it is distributed. Currently, technology is a great ally of fruit transport, since it allows it to be transported to any place in the world with all guarantees. This was unthinkable a short time ago, that’s why many doors were closed when a company wanted to open new markets outside our borders.

In addition to the improvement of means of transport and infrastructure, product packaging has also been improved, since they now allow a much better planned transfer, offering solutions to any unforeseen event that may arise.

A fruit transport company must not only have a reliable refrigerated truck that complies with all regulations, but also a warehouse where the merchandise can spend the necessary time before starting its journey without being damaged. Although we must bear in mind that canned fruits do not need to be refrigerated, it is always advisable to treat the merchandise with the utmost care.

This aspect is very important, since it does not matter what quality the fruit has in origin, if it is not properly stored and transported, it is most likely that the product will not reach the customer in good condition and cannot be used to delight your end customers.

Apart from the damage caused to the customer who has opted for one particular transport company, its image can also be seriously damaged, since it is its responsibility that the products it transports reach customers in perfect condition.

How to choose a good transport company

To export fruit to other countries, it is essential to choose a reliable transport company, with a long history and experience in transporting perishable products to other countries. In this way, the producing company will be sure that the candied fruit will arrive safely in the country of destination.

To choose the transport company, it is important to check in situ the facilities that it has, its vehicles and, above all, its procedures, both when it comes to packing the products, as well as the flexibility in the acquisition and its punctuality in the delivery to the clients. These aspects are essential when working with fruit, so it is important that there is a regulation in this regard to confirm that the entire process is carried out based on certain parameters.

One of the most important aspects when transporting fruit is the cold chain. Under no circumstances should it be broken if we want the product to reach the customer in perfect condition. Therefore, the transport must be carried out in a refrigerated vehicle that guarantees the ideal temperature range for the product in question.

Each fruit can have a certain temperature, therefore you have to plan the trip well within the temperatures in which the fruit is optimally preserved and know what to do in case there is an unforeseen event that does not guarantee that refrigeration.

For example, lemons need a temperature between 8 and 10º C, but other fruits such as watermelon need a lower temperature, between 5 and 6º C and bananas between 9 and 12º C. In the case of candied fruit, the optimal temperature for storage and transport ranges between 8 and 15º C and the transport company must guarantee that these parameters are met throughout the journey.

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