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Food quality and safety are our main commitments: that is the characteristic that best defines us as a  manufacturer of candied fruits and other varieties of preserved fruit. Conservas Lazaya has achieved the most renowned certifications of the food industry in order to ensure the excelence of its products. We pursue the best quality in all our preserved fruit and candied fruits, and in any preserved fruit product that industrial bakeries, hotels, restaurants or caterings may need.


We aim to boost our clients’ confidence in our products, emphasising the high quality standards that differentiate ourselves from competence regarding to the processing Lazaya’s preserved fruit. we are We are fully committed to food safety, quality and hygiene, and we want our customers to appreciate our effort. Our future posts about food hygiene and safety in this weblog  will deepen in these aspects, so that you can absolutely trust  Lazaya’s preserve fruit and candied fruits.


Preserved fruit and sustainable use of plant protection products

Preserved fruit with the utmost respect for the environment and food safety.Lazaya’s preserved fruit is the result of a careful process of cultivation, harvesting and processing in which we promote the conservation of the environment. It is one of Lazaya’s corporate values pursued in all our actions.

Accordingly, we can proudly say that we respect and take care of the environment in each of the stages of production of our preserved fruit. In this way, we avoid contaminating as much as possible, minimizing the generation of waste and rationalizing the use of natural and energy resources in our region of Calatayud (Aragón, Spain).
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Candied fruits: the way we grow, harvest and proccess the seasonal fruit from Aragón

Candied fruits, that sweet delicatessen made of seasonal fruit in the traditional way, are Lazaya’s main specialty.. Their superb taste and outstanding quality are due to their proccessing with the best seasonal fruit and the compliance with the highest international food hygiene and health standards.

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Natural colour glace cherries: pros and cons

Natural colour glace cherries are perfect for those who love sweets but no additives.

Natural colour glace cherries are triggering a growing demand, due to the increasing concern on healthy nutrition in many countries.
Colour dye is a key feature of food that may enhance its attractiveness and thus, achieve a huge impact in purchasing decisions. But more and more sectors of society demand natural and healthy food, with less artificial colours and, broadly speaking, an additives free label.

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