wholesale glace cherriesGlace cherries are one of the most demanded ingredients by clients of hotels, restaurants or catering companies, not only in desserts, but also in sauces or as an accompaniment to other dishes.

wholesale glace cherries

Professionals want a provider that meets the strictest quality standards and also that adapts to all their demands, which, depending on the business they work for, can be very high. Hence the importance of finding a reliable brand with a long history in the market to offer the best wholesale glace cherries.

Quality glace fruits

The best chefs and pastry chefs know the importance of acquiring the best raw material to prepare their dishes, which is why they always choose the best ingredients and, in the case of fruit, whether candied fruits or otherwise, they prefer brands that offer them all the guarantees in terms of quality and in all the processes, from the harvest of the fruit to the final packaging.

These requirements are non-negotiable for a company to be chosen by the professional, but in addition, it must have a plus that other brands do not have, something that makes it unique.

In this aspect, Lazaya offers glace cherries grown in our own land, that is, we do not depend on a supplier to provide us with the cherries so then we make just the candied and packaging process.

Our company has the best cherry plantations and we are in charge of providing the best care for the cherry trees so that when the time for harvesting arrives, between the months of April and June, they offer the best fruits.

Our specialists are in charge of selecting the cherries that we know from experience are the ones preferred by professionals to make their creations. In addition, after having selected the best quality cherries, we also take care of the industrial processes in our factory.

Without a doubt, that is the plus we were talking about before that all professionals are looking for. A product made 100% from start to finish by the same hands and with more than 80 years of experience, perfectly combining artisan traditions with the most modern technologies.

The big brands only differ in small details and, in the case of wholesale glace cherries, many chefs and confectionery professionals choose Lazaya because they want superior quality in their ingredients and are committed to a variety of innovative products and formats to surprise their customers with each dessert, side dish or salad.

Wholesale glace cherries for all tastes

By having our own cherry plantations, production is very large and that is why Lazaya has such an extensive catalog of cherries in different formats and with different options. In this way, professionals can choose and develop their full creative potential.

For example, in our catalog you can find the following types of cherries:

  • Glacé cherries
  • Amarena cherries
  • Maraschino cherries
  • Cherries in liqueur
  • Christmas fruits

All of these belong to the group of glace (or candied) cherries and some, such as Amarena cherries, with their unmistakable dark color, are an exclusive product for professionals who can prepare unique cakes, tarts or ice creams including this type of cherry. In fact, the main ingredient of the famous amaretto ice cream is the candied Amarena Cherry.

Maraschino Cherries are another of the ingredients used by pastry chefs and mixologists to leave their customers speechless. Its intense and bright red leaves no one indifferent, which is why we can find it as a decoration in many cakes, pastries, biscuits and ice creams and also in well-known cocktails such as the Manhattan, the Piña Colada or the San Francisco.

Cherries in Liqueur also allow the master confectioner to have very specific products to add their personal and unique touch thanks to the unmistakable mix of cherry acid and the powerful flavor of the liqueur. This type of cherry is widely used in chocolates and in the Fruits of Aragon that mix different fruits, including the cherry, always dipped in chocolate. They are also used in the decoration of cakes and pastries and as an ingredient in some exclusive nougats.

In addition to glace cherries, professionals can also find cherries in syrup, cherries in alcohol or cherries in SO2. The latter are the perfect raw material for making glace cherries, maraschino cherries or others. A particularity that professionals of cherries in SO2 really like is that, once processed, they can become a yellow, blue or green cherry, for example.

Apart from this wide variety of cherries, at Lazaya we also offer professionals different packages, brix, sizes, cherries with or without stones, with or without stems, in halves, pieces or whole, and also sugar-free cherries. For these and many other reasons, manufacturers and food professionals trust us when buying wholesale glace cherries. Contact us and tell us what kind of cherry you need.